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NickPrice le Décembre 07, 2023
Hi I'm trying to pull out associations between two custom object types (workshop and trainer), in hubl. {% set trainerAssoc = crm_associations(,"USER_DEFINED",49) %} This is working correctly for one workshop, but return Lire la suite
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InfoMEA le Décembre 07, 2023
Hello Team, I just downloaded plugin in wordpress and tried connecting to hubspot. After connection it's landing at blank page with the error showing as " refused to connect." I tried to remove plugin and re-installed. Even then Lire la suite
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FKazemi le Décembre 07, 2023
I have a website wich is in two languages. "en and ed" So when I click on any page in ed language , I want to change the names of menu like Home, Contact Us and so on . for exampl my current language is English and menu is english. But when I change Lire la suite
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vamshikonda le Décembre 07, 2023
I am currently working on integrating data from HubSpot forms and emails specifically resume attachments into our third-party applications using Power Automate. There in power automate iam getting a json body that consists of the form submitted dat Lire la suite
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DomG2 le Décembre 06, 2023
I have three broken image links in a template originally built by a third-party developer. When I preview the page and inspect the broken elements I can identify the broken links. I understand that I can upload new images to the Files sectio Lire la suite
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SHostetler le Décembre 05, 2023
Hello, I need to hire someone to help out with a workflow solution that assigned a unique 4 or 5 digit Job ID to any deal, ideally a custom field, Need this ASAP
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Conseiller clé | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Décembre 06, 2023 05:39
Hi @SHostetler Sure we can help you with this query . You can book the meeting Thanks!
MSwenson le Décembre 05, 2023
Hi everyone. I'm using HubSpot's UI Extension tool and I'm having trouble getting a card to display on the record when I try to "Customize tabs" and attempt to set the default view with the card I deployed. The problem is that the card isn't showing Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Décembre 06, 2023 16:49
Hi, @MSwenson 👋 Great question. For this specific use case, have you tried posting over in the developer slack? If not, or if you did but didn't...Lire la suite
ACheyne le Décembre 05, 2023
This is very frustrating, the UI is set to 1px on the ability to drag out the sizing on the flex columns. Is there another way to define how many column widths there are? I'm kind of stuck with hours of trying to find the dam pixel!!
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Décembre 06, 2023 16:02
Hi, @ACheyne 👋 Thanks for your question. I'd like to invite some of our community members to the conversation – @MBERARD @skimura @amwilie ...Lire la suite
SebastianAlko le Décembre 04, 2023
Does somebody knows how to change the message logo of the bot when use chatflows (low right corner)?, or if it is possible somehow?
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Guide | Partenaire solutions
Décembre 05, 2023 08:21
Hey @SebastianAlko when you say to change the logo you mean to say change the whole UI of the chatbot to how it looks?
yfukuta le Décembre 04, 2023
サイト内の「、」や「。」「!」のような記号を全角で出力したいのですが、全角で入力しても半角で出力されてしまいます。 この問題が起きているのは、サブドメインでHubSpotCMSを使用して制作しているサイト内でのみ起きている問題でして、大元のドメインで制作しているサイトでは、同様の問題は起きていません。 当初は、サブドメインの環境による影響で全角記号が出力されていないと考えていましたが、HubSpotCMSの環境によるものでしょうか? 知見のある方、よろしくお願いいたします。
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2 Réponses
Décembre 04, 2023 19:14
@Jaycee_Lewis さん、ありがとうございます! ご返信お待ちしております🙇
PKretschmer le Décembre 04, 2023
Hi there, i'm having problems since a while with a form and dont get this solved, maybe someone can help. I created the form that can be seen in the screenshot and copied the HTML code into o Lire la suite
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Décembre 07, 2023 03:28
Hi Gaurav, now I have changed the design of the form in HubSpot to bypass this issue. But this is the landing page with the form: https://www.vo...Lire la suite
JPieters le Décembre 04, 2023
Good day, This year we recently had a company rebranded and had our HubSpot templates changed by HubSpot to suit the new look. However, we have recently had an issue with the image alt text bringing up an error message with our blog posts. I spok Lire la suite
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Conseiller clé
Décembre 05, 2023 14:06
Hi @JPieters I can't open the template since I don't have access to your portal, but looking at the code (and assuming the div element is cl...Lire la suite
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