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Raghavendra 3月 20日, 2023
in the below code in the place of Athletics i need to add selection field or choice field, but it is showing syntax error <div class="sporteng-acs-outer"> <div class="pagecenter"> <div class="sporteng-acs-inner"> <div cla 続きを読む
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Raghavendra 3月 20日, 2023
{% set case_data = hubdb_table_rows(module.hubdbtable_field, 'sport_filter=Athletics&limit=3') %} in the place of Athletics i need to add custom choice but it is showing syntex error
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GKostadinova 3月 18日, 2023
Hi, I am trying to set up a workflow with custom code to automatically deduplicate and merge contacts. See my code below. However, for some reason I am getting an error: " ERROR Unhandled Promise Rejection{"errorType":"Runtime.UnhandledPromiseReject 続きを読む
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名誉エキスパート | Elite Partner
3月 20日, 2023 01:10
Hello @GKostadinova The error you're seeing suggests that the contactResult.body object is undefined, which means that there is no properti...続きを読む
DOchieng 3月 18日, 2023
Hey guys , Hubspot has an option of adding code snippets in the header html and footer html of blog posts . In which instances would you find this feature helpful ? Thank you !
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1 コメント
3月 18日, 2023 06:58
Adding scripts, styling, tracking codes, etc. In all instances it'd be something specific to that one page. As a developer I'd tend to view t...続きを読む
DOchieng 3月 17日, 2023
I am looking at the hubspot cms boilerplate ,specifically the blog template and can't seem to understand the following : What is blog_author_url ? What is the difference between content.publish_date and content.publish_date_localized ? I'l 続きを読む
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1 コメント
3月 17日, 2023 12:03
blog_author_url is the url that shows the page for that specific author (i.e. all their posts) content.publish_date is in UTC time c...続きを読む
Track 3月 17日, 2023
So after a long, troubleshooting day with trying to find out why the heck I can't edit or see a Blog Post body I've discovered the following: First off, we have the Blog Post template(/templates/blog-post.html). This contains both <h1>{{ 続きを読む
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KiriChili 3月 17日, 2023
I want to get the intro_text field of a specific module on a specific page and render it in another custom module. But when i try it like this, i've seen it be done like this on multiple posts, it doesn't render anything. Intro_text is indeed the co 続きを読む
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SWilson5 3月 17日, 2023
Hi All, I'm implementing Job Schema for a client, and the final hurdle seems to be an issue with Rich Tets Results reporting a Syntax issue; The HTML all looks ok to me, anyone have any thoughts? - Parsing error: Missing ',' or '}' 続きを読む
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2 コメント
3月 17日, 2023 16:14
My guess would be that it's something in the html of the description that's messing you up. Try replacing {{dynamic_page_hubdb_...続きを読む
vorellana814 3月 16日, 2023
Hey fellow developers! Has anyone migrated a website from Webflow to Hubspot? If so, are there any tips and tricks you can give me? Thanks in advance!
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1 コメント
3月 17日, 2023 15:25
Hey, @vorellana814 👋 Thank you very much for posting. I don't have any Webflow-specific resources on my end. But we have many CMS Hub experts in...続きを読む
ALazzarone 3月 16日, 2023
Hi, I'm working with an image grid on my landing page and it is not centered correctly. I've tried messing with every setting I can find, but it still sits a little to the right (on both desktop and mobile). See the attached images for reference. Y 続きを読む
1 いいね!
2 コメント
3月 18日, 2023 10:47
So I just found that if you check spacing, and you choose to edit separately, you can ad 40 px of spacing on the right margin and it seems to center ...続きを読む
SWilson5 3月 16日, 2023
Hi All, I have issue printing values from a HubDB multi-select column into Schema Rich results. I want to display just the value that has been selected in the admin area. In this example, its Employment Type, and there are currently 3 options t 続きを読む
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3 コメント
Accepted Solution
3月 16日, 2023 10:25
I haven't tested but I imagine {{}} or {{dynamic_page_hubdb_row.job_type|attr("name")}} will re...続きを読む
simonp 3月 16日, 2023
This is fairly straight forward question. I 've encounterd the folllowing several time I know {% %} is a statement delimiter what does the following mean {% - -%}
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2 コメント
Accepted Solution
名誉エキスパート | Elite Partner
3月 16日, 2023 03:45
Hello @simonp the syntax {%- -%} is also used to control whitespace in the rendered output of HubSpot's templating language, HubL. Similar...続きを読む



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