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MCornette le Juillet 22, 2024
Hi HubSpot Community, I'm a designer new to HubSpot in need of help... Is it possible to replace the hamburger menu with a button and mirror my desktop layout?
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2 Réponses
Leader d'opinion
Juillet 22, 2024 12:27
Hi @MCornette , it is possible to replace the burger with a button but it may require - depending on your requirements - quite a lot of custom co...Lire la suite
aratidesai le Juillet 22, 2024
Hi @hubspot How to take Hubspot website backup what are different options are there? how to compress the css and javascript files like in the wordpress we have plugins what are the solution ?
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3 Réponses
Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Juillet 22, 2024 12:02
Hey @aratidesai this really is down to your website, the content on it, the template you're using etc. HubSpot is just he CMS to host the content a...Lire la suite
JTapper le Juillet 22, 2024
Hi, During development, we made a copy of the header.html file from the parent theme and moved it to the child theme. We forgot about it and it's been there for quite some time now, unchanged, and meanwhile the header.html in the parent theme Lire la suite
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5 Réponses
Au panthéon de la communauté | Partenaire solutions Elite
Juillet 22, 2024 12:38
@Anton good call out on the dependents, however since it's a header file in the child theme, it will either show one of two things: 1 - that ...Lire la suite
mizomizo le Juillet 22, 2024
On the blog list page of the blog feature, I want to group blog posts by tag and display all blog titles by tag. Default modules don't support this feature. So I'm looking for a custom module someone made. Example: # Blog list page title Lire la suite
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0 Réponse
iGUIDE le Juillet 18, 2024
My forms are formatteed the way I like, when I put them onto a landing page the formatting changes and looks terrible, best way to fix this issue?
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1 Réponse
Guide | Partenaire solutions
Juillet 18, 2024 17:48
@iGUIDE - Inside HubSpot landing pages, forms take on the style of the theme used for the page, modified by any local settings for the individual f...Lire la suite
J_McAulay le Juillet 18, 2024
Hi, I am quite new to working with custom modules, HubL and Hubdb, so bare with me. We have built a programmable email module that uses Contact properties to filter a HubDB table and provide 3 options to the client with images and url's to bo Lire la suite
Guide | Partenaire solutions
Juillet 18, 2024 18:06
@J_McAulay - I seem to recall reading that, by default, all UTM codes on embedded links are overwritten as the email is formatted for sending in o...Lire la suite
GoldJack le Juillet 18, 2024
Hi, good day to everyone, this is my first post and im kinda new in development with Hubspot, i would kindly like to ask you if there is some way to remove this !important rules on some default modules because i would like to set my own in mobile de Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Juillet 18, 2024 18:23
Hi albert thank you for answering. The theme im using is the Boilerplate and ive been adjusting some things for my requirements, sadly because of the...Lire la suite
AudreyBouclin le Juillet 18, 2024
Hello Hubspot community, I am using the CLEAN PRO theme for our employer's website. We have added CARD FLIPPERS (PRO) on several of our pages. However, on the mobile version, the cards overlap each other. Do you know how to fix this problem? Thank Lire la suite
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5 Réponses
Solution Acceptée
Expert reconnu | Partenaire solutions
Juillet 19, 2024 10:01
Hey @AudreyBouclin So after taking a look and some testing there are a few things to note, but this is a "simple" fix: I've tested a...Lire la suite
markusschmidt le Juillet 18, 2024
Hi, for some of our new customer accounts there is an issue when you preview a page from the CMS editor and then click on the link to open the link in a new tab. The opened tab is http and not https. Therefore javascripts and other things cannot wor Lire la suite
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4 Réponses
Participant | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Juillet 22, 2024 01:58
Not yet.
FvanderKloot le Juillet 18, 2024
Hi guys; I'm trying to set up a filtering for my blogs with tags, but it just shows one tag instead of all of them. How can I display them all? This is my code so far:
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juillet 18, 2024 19:09
Hi, @FvanderKloot 👋 Thanks for your question and for including those details. Hey @02974 @FabianRichter @mangelet , do you have ...Lire la suite
RTanksley7 le Juillet 17, 2024
The global standard for calendar invites is that the calendar invite should have everyhing in it that each person needs to conduct the meeting, without having to leave the invite 2 seconds before the meeting and try to find the resources. On tha Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juillet 18, 2024 12:51
Hi, @RTanksley7 👋 Thank you for sharing your feedback. If you have a moment, adding your suggestion to the Ideas Community and getting some ...Lire la suite
jestlinbaum le Juillet 17, 2024
I have a module that I've been using on multiple sites that has worked fine for a long time. It's a module created to be a flex container with one side having text and one side having an image. For the image side there is a choice module for Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
4 Réponses
Solution Acceptée
Juillet 19, 2024 10:02
Added single quotes and its working: Not sure why it's worked for so long without them. Feel free to close this thread. Thanks @Jaycee_Lewis for t...Lire la suite
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