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unicorndev on February 08, 2023
Hello all! So our client is having their website hosted on both Hubspot and Shopify... Their products will be on Shopify and the rest of their webpages will be hosted on Hubspot. There is no cross platform compatibility between Hubspot and Shopify read more
Jun22 on February 08, 2023
Hello Guys New to hubspot, Hoping anyone can share some idea and how we can display Deals Data using Dynamic pages but on associated contact deals and company deals display based on the one whos logged in of couse its on (membership page). I have read more
SnS_Nathan on February 08, 2023
Hey Devs, I have 3 blogs on my website that each need different styling. I use a child theme where i created a css file per blog and loaded them next to my main css file (CLEAN X KOO), using the settings menu (view screenshot). However, the custom read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
February 08, 2023 06:30
Hi @SnS_Nathan , I can't fully speak to why that's not working (or indeed how it's supposed to work) but in modern HTML + HubL templates more
HBarden on February 08, 2023
Hi, I was wondering if someone can help me slightly edit a module. I would like for this CTA box module to have the text on top and CTA button below as it is squashed together in the current format. I'm not sure how I change this within the codi read more
0 upvote
5 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 08, 2023 03:09
Yes, because they both use the same class and therefore it will affect both modules. If you want to seperate them you have to modify the code more
JBrake on February 07, 2023
I am looking for a way to get the current time in a time zone, for purposes of checking a certain time has passed in that time zone. e.g. An event has already started or ended on this day in a certain timezone. "today(' Pacific/Auckland' )" read more
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
February 08, 2023 07:13
Hi @JBrake {{local_dt | format_datetime('medium', 'Pacific/Auckland')}} or {{local_dt | format_time('medium', 'Pacific/Auckland')}} more
Woodsy on February 07, 2023
Hi I am trying to stop the page scrolling when a form button is pressed. At the minute the page scrolls back to the top. This is the current form and button code which is used as a site search: <form action="{{ 'https://www.360insights.c read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
February 08, 2023 16:26
Hi, @Woodsy 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Do you have a live example of this behaviour in action? The community may not be able to offer help more
simonp on February 07, 2023
Looking at improving the TBT performance Going throught the suggestions and started to use the Chrome Coverage Inspector Looking at it the 3 main undersued assets are the main minified css thats derived from the theme, read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 08, 2023 03:00
Hi @simonp , do you use social sharing/-follow or membership-login modules? Just asking because those scripts most likely are beeing added more
iusmanabbasi on February 07, 2023
Hi there, I'm fairly new to HubSpot - how can we check if HubSpot has minified the CSS and JS files? I am using a theme and not sure if the theme's CSS and JS are being minified automatically or not. Also, what about the module.css and modul read more
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 07, 2023 06:40
Hi @iusmanabbasi , all files that are created/uploaded into the design-manager will be minified. To check this you can inspect the page and look more
JR6 on February 07, 2023
Hi Devs, The Problem: I recently run into an issue saving custom modules in my hubspot blog-index dnd template. The error notice told me: Error while updating a module Please click "Apply changes", try again, or check if the "blog-listings" read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
February 07, 2023 07:20
I also found this snippet while debugging, but it didn't solve the issue.
ZWalters on February 06, 2023
I have an uploaded pdf file that i'd like to redirect to a different website. However, I've been told that this isn't possible to do in Hubspot. Do I have any other options to redirect the url? Any third-party services or something similar?
0 upvote
2 Replies
February 07, 2023 07:02
Thanks for your reply. I'm actually trying to redirect to a different website/url I don't own. So a redirect would be the best solution, however more
Manobyte on February 06, 2023
Im trying to pull custom objects associated to contacts in an email. And I have confirmed that my code is working on regular pages, but it is blank when I put the module in an email. So im wondering, does the {{ crm_associations() }} function not wo read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Participant | Diamond Partner
February 08, 2023 06:11
I pull the ID using the personalization_token(), and this works just fine, but the 2nd part for the crm_associations() returns nothing, dispite it more
YeSpaniard on February 06, 2023
Hi, A little glitch is giving me a massive headache here. I am trying to copy a HubL code {{ module.something.etc }} into a Rich text field. When copying it converts it into {{ personalization_token('module.something.etc'), 'undefined'}}. If read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 07, 2023 06:25
Gotcha! My personal approach would be a custom module with a RTF and a dedicated field for the tooltip. Since it's easier for the user and isn't more
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