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Woodsy on February 07, 2023
Hi I am trying to stop the page scrolling when a form button is pressed. At the minute the page scrolls back to the top. This is the current form and button code which is used as a site search: <form action="{{ 'https://www.360insights.c read more
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simonp on February 07, 2023
Looking at improving the TBT performance Going throught the suggestions and started to use the Chrome Coverage Inspector Looking at it the 3 main undersued assets are the main minified css thats derived from the theme, read more
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iusmanabbasi on February 07, 2023
Hi there, I'm fairly new to HubSpot - how can we check if HubSpot has minified the CSS and JS files? I am using a theme and not sure if the theme's CSS and JS are being minified automatically or not. Also, what about the module.css and modul read more
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 07, 2023 06:40
Hi @iusmanabbasi , all files that are created/uploaded into the design-manager will be minified. To check this you can inspect the page and look more
JR6 on February 07, 2023
Hi Devs, The Problem: I recently run into an issue saving custom modules in my hubspot blog-index dnd template. The error notice told me: Error while updating a module Please click "Apply changes", try again, or check if the "blog-listings" read more
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2 Replies
February 07, 2023 07:20
I also found this snippet while debugging, but it didn't solve the issue.
ZWalters on February 06, 2023
I have an uploaded pdf file that i'd like to redirect to a different website. However, I've been told that this isn't possible to do in Hubspot. Do I have any other options to redirect the url? Any third-party services or something similar?
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2 Replies
February 07, 2023 07:02
Thanks for your reply. I'm actually trying to redirect to a different website/url I don't own. So a redirect would be the best solution, however more
Manobyte on February 06, 2023
Im trying to pull custom objects associated to contacts in an email. And I have confirmed that my code is working on regular pages, but it is blank when I put the module in an email. So im wondering, does the {{ crm_associations() }} function not wo read more
Community Manager
February 07, 2023 11:00
Hi, @Manobyte 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Can you share a code block or example? This helps the community to better understand possible root more
YeSpaniard on February 06, 2023
Hi, A little glitch is giving me a massive headache here. I am trying to copy a HubL code {{ module.something.etc }} into a Rich text field. When copying it converts it into {{ personalization_token('module.something.etc'), 'undefined'}}. If read more
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3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 07, 2023 06:25
Gotcha! My personal approach would be a custom module with a RTF and a dedicated field for the tooltip. Since it's easier for the user and isn't more
RGrimsley on February 04, 2023
Hey, folks! After hours of fooling around, I was finally able to find the right code placement to get my content on one line. There are currently 7 posts being featured. Now, I'm really struggling with: Getting the content to loop (after 7) O read more
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1 Reply
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 06, 2023 03:29
Hi @RGrimsley , I'd highly recommend you to use one of the available carousel frameworks available out in the wild since they Two of the more
PKemps on February 03, 2023
Hi, i hope that someone can help me. I'm creating a event calendar module to be used in email with the next 3 upcoming events. I created some custom properties for that and a custom emailmodule. But now i trying to filter only the upcoming event read more
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3 Replies
February 06, 2023 00:02
When i use unixtimestamp(event.event_start_date) pprint prints nothing.
itopac on February 03, 2023
On mobile, both the icon and the hamburger menu do not work properly. -Icon becomes unclickable -When I click on the menu item itself, it does not open the submenu.
0 upvote
2 Replies
February 04, 2023 01:18
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , when the hamburger menu appears, the logo becomes unclickable. It should be clickable and redirect the user to the landing page. more
m_engineer on February 02, 2023
Is there a way to use the Hubl function or something similar to get the previous and next posts of a blog? I would like to incorporate this into the template if possible.
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1 Reply
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
February 02, 2023 23:21
Hi @m_engineer , you can use following Hubls to get the informations about the next/previous blog posts {{ content.next_post_featured_image }} more
DevenD on February 02, 2023
Hey all, I was recently validating a page while making some edits and noticed it was triggering a "body seen but an element of the same type was already open" on the page. Upon digging further it looks like a hubspot form we have for blog subscr read more
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