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dyurkanin on August 16, 2022
Hey folks, When dev sandboxes for CMS Hub were launched last year it was strictly to Enterprise accounts. Is there a way to add on a Sandbox to a professional account and/or are their plans to open up sandboxes to other account tiers? This is ess read more
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jpineda91 on August 16, 2022
Hello everyone, I'm trying to add pagination to a blog and press templates. I tried using this example , but it only changes the featured blog post and not the listing. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance, Jonathan
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7 Replies
August 16, 2022 11:07
Hi @Teun and @BarryGrennan Thanks for all the replies! I did not create the template, but with both of the suggestions, I will try to update more
JakobZ on August 16, 2022
Hi, I'm trying to have a very simple global module in an email that uses the URL stored in a specific property (signup_url) of the contact. This is my code so far: <div style="color:#102625"> <p style="border:2px; border-style:soli read more
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Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 16, 2022 04:32
Hi @JakobZ , to place a (contact) property inside a custom module you should type it this way {{ contact.singnup_url }} Also - more
EEnzipe on August 15, 2022
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Community Manager
August 16, 2022 08:10
Hi, @EEnzipe 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Can you add your question or issue to this thread, please? It's not clear what your issue is, and not more
gsantos1 on August 15, 2022
Hello everyone! I'm working on a page template with a dnd area which contains 3 dnd_section and each section contains a different module. This template is used on 60 pages, changing fields on the modules to generate content from different Hubdb read more
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 16, 2022 03:37
Hi @gsantos1 , this is a complete normal behaviour of HubSpot. Once a page is build upon a template, changing the template won't affect the more
Stitchko on August 15, 2022
Hello community members, my client leave HubSpot CMS Professional in order to move main pages (home, about us, ...) to WordPress. However, I found header pretty complicated to migrate and Ican't get any solutions to work. Is there any chance to c read more
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2 Replies
August 15, 2022 12:01
Thanks for the answer.
mmcgrath1 on August 15, 2022
I'm looking to print a date in an email to always show the date of next Thursday. Using the below script I could print a date 21 days in advance but I'd like it to always calculate the date for next Thursday. {% set future_date = local_dt read more
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3 Replies
Key Advisor
August 16, 2022 06:56
Correct! The custom coded action as well as setting up the workflow to run every Monday, etc. is the combination I'd use!
TvanDonselaar on August 15, 2022
Set up a customer font following HS instructions, added stylesheet to page but it's not available when designing the landing page. Anyone an idea for fixing it? Page: /* @import read more
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4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 16, 2022 03:24
Hi @TvanDonselaar , it's okay for debugging - but for production you should remove it. For me the headline(s) are getting the font. more
jpineda91 on August 12, 2022
Hi everyone, I'm trying to add a filter on a resource library that displays all assets, here is my code: <select name="topic"> <option value="">View Resources By Type</option> <option value="show-all">Show All&l read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
August 12, 2022 11:40
@jpineda91 It looks like your module.resources_page_link.url.href variable is returning blank. When document.location.href is set to blank it more
sjones3 on August 12, 2022
Is there a way to only allow a contact to be in 1 employees task? The scenerio at my company is users are loading contacts into their tasks as a dialer. They are not always completing their dialing and the tasks sit there. a single contatc c read more
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Community Manager
August 12, 2022 12:41
Hey, @sjones3 👋 I doubled checked the knowledge base article and the developer documentation for creating Tasks. I can confirm this isn't a more
GPyb on August 12, 2022
Hi, I need to solve the following problem. We are using the CTA button on LP. When the user clicks it, he is redirected to our target page. And I need to be able to add a dynamic parameter using JS code on the LP so that it will be added as read more
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1 Reply
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
August 12, 2022 09:47
@GPyb Due to the way HubSpot CTAs function it'd make more sense to create a custom module instead. You wouldn't even need Javascript to add more
AHillin on August 11, 2022
Hello. I have two websites on Hubspot. I have a detailed price quoting form that is built on one of those sites. Can I duplicate that form on the second site without building it from scratch again?
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Key Advisor
August 11, 2022 13:31
Hey @AHillin , Yes, you should be able to! Just head to the form, hover over it, and click to clone:
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