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RHenderson2 en Febrero 27, 2024
I have a listing page which pulls data from a hubDB table. I want to sort alphabetically (orderBy=part_number) and only show rows with a column selected as Board Level (standard_product_type=Board Level). this code works: {% for row in hubdb Leer más
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Asesor destacado | Partner nivel Platinum
Febrero 28, 2024 05:40
Hi @RHenderson2 I would suggest using the AND operator to combine your both conditions like this "standard_product_type=Board Level&ord...Leer más
simonp en Febrero 27, 2024
hello I am trying to understand how setting default module values with a template for example How you set can set default values of card module eg {% module "module_170904438127413" path="/mytheme2024/modules/card", label="card" , images=[ Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Febrero 28, 2024 03:54
Hello Many thank for help. I think I figured how to set this. Reread thacadamey page regarding sections When in the page editor and you stick t...Leer más
DM2 en Febrero 27, 2024
Hi I'm currently successfully using the hubdb row field to return user selected rows (not all rows) from a single table: {% for item in module.hubdbrow_field %} {{ item.columns.title }}<br> {{ item.colu Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Febrero 27, 2024 17:38
Hey, @DM2 👋 Thank you very much for your post! It's an interesting question, for sure. I am not a HubDB wizard, but I know a few 😉 Let's inv...Leer más
NSchönherr en Febrero 27, 2024
Hey, I want to pass some drop-down menus which change the Text and also a module that changes the Pricing on my quote according to Sales-Qualification-factors already made in the CRM by our sales reps. I already created the modules but am just Leer más
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4 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Guía | Partner
Febrero 27, 2024 14:36
Check out this article for the data you have access to. Then try this on your c...Leer más
Susino en Febrero 27, 2024
Hi! I face a problem with animation in the page editor. Please see this video. Would you happen to have any ideas on how to fix it? Is there any event that can call the function again Leer más
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Sebastinho en Febrero 27, 2024
Hello community, we have a problem with our forms, these are embedded via an iFrame on our Wordpress website. When initially loading the website, the buttons at the end of the forms are sometimes cut off or are not visible at all so that the height Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Febrero 27, 2024 18:30
Hey, @Sebastinho 👋 Thanks for your question. I think I understand the root issue. The form resizing issue on initial load compared to r...Leer más
KShapovalov en Febrero 27, 2024
Hi! Is it okay to use the HUBL replace filter for replacing text to other module fields? For example: {{ module.text|replace("title", "{{ module.title }}") }}. It is working all right. I was just wondering if this intended way of replacing filters Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Asesor destacado | Partner nivel Platinum
Febrero 27, 2024 04:21
Hi @KShapovalov You can use any filter as you see fit. @BérangèreL can you please share your view regarding the second query menti...Leer más
Anonymous1234 en Febrero 26, 2024
Hello dear readers of HubSpot, I am curious about an issue. The current iteration of the website looks like this: There are three sections: Logo, menu-toolbar and the language switcher. I would like to add the language switcher to my head Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Febrero 27, 2024 19:35
Hi, @Anonymous1234 👋 Welcome to our community. I hope you got this worked out. If not, can you provide any additional details? Having more inf...Leer más
GFW-MillerM en Febrero 26, 2024
I am fairly new to Hubl. NOTE: If this module exists, please share links. It seems like a function that other people would want. We are making a native plant library, and need a module that filters based on selected columns for our HubDB. ( https: Leer más
0 Me gusta
5 Respuestas
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Diamond
Febrero 27, 2024 21:07
@GFW-MillerM While I have some experience coding with HubL and HubDB, I'm not a developer and can't inspect your code. Perhaps @Jaycee_Lewis...Leer más
NGraehling en Febrero 26, 2024
Questions regarding the capabilities of deep linking dynamic landing pages in HubSpot. Need: Send an email out with a link to a dynamic landing page that populates each account that the email is associated with. For example, an agency Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Febrero 27, 2024 17:57
Hi, @NGraehling 👋 Thanks for the interesting question. Can you tell us more about what you've already tried, even if it didn't work as expecte...Leer más
malanciault en Febrero 25, 2024
Hi, I'm editing a Quote template. There is a module called Resource in the template. Looks like this: Code is: I'm trying to add more than 6 items, but I can't. How ca Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Febrero 25, 2024 17:03
Found it 🙂 So, if it can help someone: 1- Edit the Field group 2- Scroll down, and find the maximum object count:
viig en Febrero 24, 2024
Hi We want to use to show content from HubSpot hosted site ( ), but we're getting http 502 error. We use the configuration from the manual ( Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Febrero 26, 2024 16:50
Hi, @viig 👋 Thanks for your question. I hope you make progress. If not, one place to check — make sure `proxy_ssl_name` is set to the correct ...Leer más
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