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omichael2 on January 26, 2023
Hello, recently I got a project on Hubspot, 3 landing page designs, what I'm used to doing is majorly designing websites on Hubspot and rarely have to worry about how it looks on mobile but for this client the situation is different. I made use of read more
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JBoylan0 on January 26, 2023
I'm trying to add a option for a custom banner image to our blog posts. Reading through the widget documentation, it seems like that would do the trick: read more
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Cboha on January 26, 2023
Hi, I have many javsacript files in the design manager, but none of them are minifying automatically. I dont see any minified version in the design manager or in the source code. I know this is a process that is supposed to happen automatically, read more
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Key Advisor | Elite Partner
January 26, 2023 13:50
You won't see minified files in the design manager as the minification is done on the server and then directly served to your page. How are more
anders_grove on January 26, 2023
Has anyone managed to get Programmable Email to work? Do I need to opt-in somewhere or should it be able to work by just adding the required annotation 'isEnabledForEmai read more
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Community Manager
January 26, 2023 14:27
Hey, @anders_grove 👋 I ran a quick test and received a successful response. Here's what I did: Navigate to the Design Manager > Create a more
dzoladz on January 25, 2023
Hey All, I have some JS code I added to a JS file and linked it to the base.html. The JS code works correctly in Visual Studio. I know it is linked correctly because when I console.log the variables they show up. The issue is the variables in the co read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
January 26, 2023 06:05
You'll want to use the global form event listener then. HubSpot forms are built with JavaScript so they often aren't completely loaded in when the more
imxande on January 25, 2023
Hi fam, is there any documentation for the cms-dev-server yet? I believe there's an npm package published a few days ago, but there was not documentation added yet: . I remember it was demo read more
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Key Advisor | Elite Partner
January 26, 2023 05:52
This is still in private beta so there's no public documentation at this moment.
RMechergui on January 25, 2023
Hi, I want to block the 'Date' field from clicks because I add the default date on the field and I don't want the customer to change it, I don't want to use the hidden field option because it will be hidden first and second I want to inform the read more
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2 Replies
January 25, 2023 08:30
Hi, Anton, Thank you so much for this valuable information, but what If I'm using WordPress with Elementor Page Builder, What is the best way to do more
DSalva on January 25, 2023
How to change or add navigation menu to multi dropdown or sideload?
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Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
January 25, 2023 08:19
Hi @DSalva , creating a custom menu will - most likely - require a custom module or global partial, JavaScript/jQuery and CSS. Could you more
NRuppert on January 25, 2023
Hello. We have transferred our Website from Typo3 to the Hubspot Backend. We would like to change parts of the website in the HTML-Code and CSS-Sheets. When I try to update templates, themes, etc.(using the command "hs upload"),it doesn´t work. Even read more
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3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
January 25, 2023 08:02
Hi @NRuppert , thank you for the insights. Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. That is not a great work by any means. What was your companys more
ellimccale on January 24, 2023
I'm trying to create a reusable section of HTML that is not drag-and-drop. Partials should work for this. According to this page in the developer docs , it sounds like the template type exists (" templateType: partial "), but the CLI is throwing an read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
January 24, 2023 17:25
Yea, I think the documentation needs to be updated. When you create a standard partial in the design manager it uses templateType: page for the more
S_Tasneem on January 24, 2023
Hello, We know we can create dependent fields for forms, but I would appreciate your help on how we can create dependent fields on DEAL RECORD. I can see we can create a dependent section based on a field. But my requirement is to display/hide a fi read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
January 24, 2023 18:49
Hello @jolle Thank you for your reply. The only issue with creating a conditional section is that when we select a field's choice value, we more
YChuskit on January 24, 2023
Hi, I have a list of instuments which I want to add in a Drop down field . Requirement: provision to select more than 1 instrument . How can i achieve that ? regards, Yangzin
1 upvote
2 Replies
Participant | Partner
January 24, 2023 05:42
Hi @jolle , Thank you for your quick reply !! can i not have multiple select check box inside dropdown field? because if there are like 20 items, more
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