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mariana_pic on August 08, 2022
I've added a form to a custom module using the javascript embed code. I need to do this because I want to use the callback function. The problem I am having is that: I am setting the forms to redirect to different URLs depending on the page read more
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amin9 on August 08, 2022
When I submit the search it goes to 404 page. So I am trying to fix it. #1. When I browse manually, for example: http://my.domain/hs-search-results?term=keyword The page displaying the search result, but have different look, different header & read more
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dev9x on August 08, 2022
Hello, I am using Hubspot's blog & Landing Pages as a CMS for our company. I want to use API to get the data from Blog and Pages, then I display it on our company website which is using ReactJS. I sucessfully got the data from API however I read more
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ivanoccam on August 08, 2022
Hi everyone, Last July's Sunday (CET time zone) a customer noticed something went wrong with a page that was working until that day. I've noticed scopes of variables had been changed and are not aligned with preview and debug views. Check this read more
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KimM on August 06, 2022
Hi Hubspot Community, I'm at a bit of a loss here and can't seem to find the solution to a problem I'm having. I'm essentially trying to create a client events calendar page that would be hosted within a client hub (password protected). This pag read more
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2 Replies
August 08, 2022 01:08
HI Teun, Yes I'm 100% sure they all have contacts associated. Pretty much all of our deals only have one contact associated and I only want this more
AnaInez on August 05, 2022
Hello there. I hope someone can help me on this case: I received a diagnosis about this vulnerability on the Hubspot server, probably found ""iisadmin"" or ""scripts/iisadmin"" directory present on your Microsoft IIS Web server or based on HTTP er read more
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MDsidhpura on August 05, 2022
How to set a pagination in the page where i have used the crm_objects function to get the custom properties. my properties is above 200, so i have to add a pagination on property listing page
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1 Reply
Community Manager
August 08, 2022 08:29
Hey, @MDsidhpura 👋 Can you share an example request, response, and error code if you receive one, please? Providing additional information can more
AJenkins3 on August 04, 2022
Can the feature be added to select an entire group of contacts in one column to be moved to another? As of now contacts can only be selected manually one by one which is time consuming. For example, I would like to take all contacts under Contac read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
August 07, 2022 17:41
Hi, @AJenkins3 👋 Can you tell us more about how, and where, are you doing this selecting? Are you asking about how to build something more
jcporcel on August 04, 2022
My company has a couple hundred blog posts with images that sometimes are either pngs or other large images. I wanted to know if there was some option to replace them in bulk. Something like replacing a complete folder full of images or other way to read more
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3 Replies
Key Advisor | Partner
August 05, 2022 09:01
@jcporcel nope, no IDs, HS pulls the images in through their URL, which is why the paths and file names can't change.
unicorndev on August 04, 2022
Hello there! I want to be able to print out my multi select field called 'state' (it was single prior, I'll change it later lol). My code says 'Cannot Resolve Property: Name' when I try to extract the value from my HubDB. I was able to extract it read more
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4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 04, 2022 11:56
Hi @unicorndev {{row.state}} is an array and your code looks like this: {% for row in table %} {% for state in row.state %} <div more
Smarr on August 04, 2022
Hello! I am reaching out because of an issue we have been having with a few different pieces. We had written our own custom HTML for an email newsletter. I had done some research in putting this into “design tools” and then being able move this i read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 04, 2022 13:50
Hey @Smarr , yeah - I've asked for the HTML. Writing a whole layout inside of the HTML module is not a best practise and can lead to problems ( more
JR6 on August 04, 2022
Hello, i am wondering how the hubl function blog_popular_posts work. I am able to use this function without any problems but it is like a little blackbox for me. Which metrics are used to qualify a blogpost as "popular" ? Is it only click read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
August 04, 2022 08:28
Hi @JR6 I believe that the popular posts function/module is driven simply by views: Add a listing module of the most popular posts on your more
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