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NHamidon 10月 04日, 2023
Hi, is there a way to add a personalised code to a url based on the recipient's email? For example: For example, if we want to send the email to : 1. URL we insert in the CTA button: 続きを読む
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1 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
10月 04日, 2023 08:58
@NHamidon you can use personalization tokens to create custom URLs, there's an event coming up all about it that you may find helpful.
Anya23 10月 03日, 2023
I am aware that there is a a post asking this question, however the answer given no longer seems appropriate. I know the documentation for drag and drop areas says you cannot use them in blog-posts. Yet! there is a new hubspot marketplace theme ( 続きを読む
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1 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
10月 03日, 2023 18:11
@Anya23 This is a new capability, drag-and-drop areas are actually added automatically to blog posts by HubSpot, which is why the code in Focus is ...続きを読む
AzharBondi 10月 03日, 2023
Hi, Note: This is a project made from scratch so I am not using the boilerplate (one of the requirements in the CMS Developer Practicum) So with that said, I would love to be able to change the footer and header colors using the page editor ! 続きを読む
1 いいね!
6 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
10月 04日, 2023 08:54
Hi @AzharBondi , you're definitely on the right track, but without diving into your code in more depth to understand how you have everything configu...続きを読む
CEgan5 10月 02日, 2023
Hello, We have a custom module we use in HubSpot to input HTML into a drag and drop email. It usually works okay except when we copy HTML that was generated in another HubSpot account. The email is shifted to the right slightly. Here is a screensh 続きを読む
0 いいね!
5 コメント
10月 03日, 2023 18:53
No differences between the HTMLs so HubSpot isn't adding anything after. Here is the full HTML: <html lang="en" xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft...続きを読む
MWalker30 10月 02日, 2023
I am playing around with conditional logic, but I am noticing that, unlike workflows, it seems that we cannot set it up where "_________" affects "_________" if the two are not from the same category. E.g., one of our workflows is setup where Co 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
10月 03日, 2023 15:42
Hi @MWalker30 having run some tests with conditional logic - my guess is that the user wouldn't know that those values are associated with a differ...続きを読む
GCoyle 10月 02日, 2023
Hello everyone, I’m currently running into an issue regarding a custom template I’m building within HubSpot. The issue specifically occurs when using the drag-and-drop editor. After creating a new landing page and choosing my custom templat 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
10月 03日, 2023 12:21
Hi Matthieu, Thanks for your response. Yes the same results happen with every other section type. Adding modules still results in vertical stack...続きを読む
DDewhirst 10月 02日, 2023
Hi all -- I'm trying to create a custom behavioral event that will fire when a user has scrolled to at least 50% of the page depth. I see the code being injected into the page via the tracking script, but the event never seems to be triggered. I'm n 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
10月 03日, 2023 09:37
Thank you for helping with this, Matthieu! I have made the changes to the code that you asked for. The sandbox site this is on is at https://4396328...続きを読む
SamanthaLumang 10月 02日, 2023
Hello, there! We've received requests from clients quite a number of times about creating a "continue reading" or "read full article" button for long text that they want hidden to shorten a page's length. Something like the image below. Has anyone h 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
10月 04日, 2023 12:23
Hey, there! With this type of request in the community, a better approach is sharing what you've built and where you are stuck. While our community c...続きを読む
MarshallJames 9月 29日, 2023
Hello, If I'm posting this in the wrong place, or this answer is well known, then please forgive me. Challenge: 1. A client has a current hubspot account (so far so good). 2. It needs to talk to a new ERP system which it currently 続きを読む
0 いいね!
3 コメント
10月 04日, 2023 07:34
Hi there, I'm very interested in this, I'll give it a go and then let you know if it achieves what i need. Thank you.
GCarter97 9月 29日, 2023
I'm getting this message whenever I try and delete my domain I can't add a new one, I can't delete my old one. I can't delete my brand domain either, what can I do here?
0 いいね!
5 コメント
ソートリーダー | Diamond Partner
10月 02日, 2023 11:39
@GCarter97 ah, I see - it must be a limitation of the free plan. I checked my free account and when there isn't a brand domain connected, it ...続きを読む
AAdmin3 9月 28日, 2023
Though our email templates are in calibra font, we type in calibre, it is generating to Time Roman and looks horrible for our clients
0 いいね!
1 コメント
9月 29日, 2023 13:13
Hi, @AAdmin3 👋 Thanks for your question. You'll need to provide more details in order for the community to assist you. For example: Are t...続きを読む
TAlgeo 9月 28日, 2023
Hi, I have a form embedded on an instapage landing page, I am trying to increase the font size of the contact property on the page. There is no way to do that in the form editor on HS. But is there a way to adjust font size in the embed code or some 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
9月 28日, 2023 18:07
Have you ever try to custom the form styles in the form editor? It should work in the most cases



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