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Mike_H99 on March 04, 2024
Hello HS Devs! for some context before I dive in, I built some serverless functions on the original 2023.1 CMS Development version and had things running very well. I have now upgraded all of them to use 2023.2, and have successfully made the req read more
Nbutler285 on March 04, 2024
Im looking to create a permissions set that allows me to both view builds that I have run from deploying a js project directly to my production site and to generate a personal access key with those permissions but I can't seem to figure out what per read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
March 04, 2024 18:11
Hey, @Nbutler285 👋 This one might be worth a support ticket to get 100% conformation. Looking at the in-app beta page, it states the following: more
ECronvall on March 04, 2024
Hi, I have seen that this subject has been a discussion in this community before, but I would like to highlight our interest in having the possibility to use Chat Gpt in the Website chat, in order to help customers throughout the website's knowl read more
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1 Reply
March 04, 2024 14:07
Hi @ECronvall ! Good news for you, AI Chatbots are on HubSpot's roadmap! Take a look here: more
svnwa on March 04, 2024
There is a weird behaviour in programmable emails where empty properties of contacts seem to not be emtpy but a string representation of their parameter name. However the parameter name is also not consistent, so it it hard to check for emtpy or un read more
TDegrande on March 04, 2024
We want to publish some release note related blog posts highlighting key features per release, and also do it for historical releases. Can we backdate blogs with a publish date in the past?
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Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
March 04, 2024 04:22
Hi @TDegrande To do this you set the publishing date in the publishing options (hidden behind the dropdown arrow on the publish button) to more
Anonymous1234 on March 03, 2024
Hello dear reader of @hubspot , Certain media-queries of the parent theme must be adopted so that the breakpoints of 992px should be increased up to 1375px. I have found some ways of doing it: 1. Create child theme => add the new media-que read more
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1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
March 03, 2024 09:50
Hi @Anonymous1234 some themes provide the option to modify the breakpoints in theme settings, making it unnecessary to override media queries ( more
Anonymous1234 on March 02, 2024
Hello dear readers of @hubspot , I do have an question regarding the backup of the site. I am about to do some changes to the site structure, so i would like to have an backup of the site. On the site there is mentioned that such a thing does read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
March 02, 2024 14:10
Hi @Anonymous1234 Yes, it is correct that there is no such thing as a backup - it's all cloud based and there are various "trash" options more
Anonymous1234 on March 02, 2024
Hello dear readers of @hubspot , I am curious about an issue. The current iteration of the website looks like this: There are three sections: logo, HEADER PRO and the language switcher Issue: I would like to add the lan read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
March 03, 2024 09:07
Hi @Anonymous1234 is this a custom theme or marketplace theme? It sounds like the language switcher fields were left out of the header more
WLIQ on March 01, 2024
Hi, We are experiencing an issue with the blog search functionality on the same blog listing page. I've attached the 'blog_listing_module' file. Is there a custom function available to enable search specifically for blogs on the same page, along read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
March 01, 2024 11:30
Hi @WLIQ You can include search results on a template by adding the search resutls module: {% module "search_results" path="@hubspot/ more
EdCupaioli on February 29, 2024
Background Created a repeating field group and I have an image as one of the fields. What I would expect I would expect my image field src object to populate with the URL to the image containing slashes for each section of the URL path. read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
February 29, 2024 20:46
sigh....folks, always close your quotes. I didn't close the quote on the item wrapper and that's where I goofed. VS Code had it red too but I more
JMendoza2 on February 29, 2024
Where can we set {{ local_dt }}? is it in the settings? not really sure. I want to know where.
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 29, 2024 17:38
Hi @JMendoza2 , The local date/time can be set in your account settings and controls the date/time for reporting:
Anonymous1234 on February 29, 2024
Hello dear readers of HubSpot, The changes to the child theme don't have an effect on the main theme that is used on the live site. I did copy copy the template used as well as all the css. The folder structure is as follows: Issue: read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
March 01, 2024 13:25
Hi @Anonymous1234 , adding stylings to child.css can have the drawback that you may have to use !important. Also you shouldn't copy/paste the more
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