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Stegemann on March 21, 2023
Hi! Im trying to create a serverless function that uploads a file with the hubspot api. I tried alot but can not get it to work. Please help me. exports.main = async (context, sendResponse) => { const hs = require('@hubspot/api-client' read more
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SStrachan1 on March 21, 2023
I am trying to pass the ID of an object with the transactional email API. I cannot save my programmable email module because of this error: Missing required input parameters. Object id or query is mandatory for crm_object function. My object read more
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zaugger on March 21, 2023
I am a free user using the Quest theme. As a sole proprieter I don't need my facec plastered all over the site and would like to remove the Author modult on the bottom of the posts. Can someone help me do that easily? Thanks!
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KCozzi on March 21, 2023
Hi! I am not a developer, I'm a designer trying to learn a little bit more about the backend of Hubspot. I do have some training from a masters program with coding (CSS, Java) but I am not that great. I have a few questions to start: I'm read more
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JNeukom on March 21, 2023
Hey, all -- I'm working on a page built by a coworker who is no longer at the company. The page is for an upcoming event, so it has a secondary nav bar where you can choose agenda, speakers, etc. The bar changes to a dropdown on mobile, but read more
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TMerkel on March 21, 2023
How can i use additional parameters for video player with advanced features within HubL? 😀 Form: Skip option = Decide whether viewers are required to submit this form to continue watching Display time of the form = beginning, end, 15 of read more
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Raghavendra on March 20, 2023
in the below code in the place of Athletics i need to add selection field or choice field, but it is showing syntax error <div class="sporteng-acs-outer"> <div class="pagecenter"> <div class="sporteng-acs-inner"> <div cla read more
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6 Replies
Key Advisor
March 21, 2023 07:30
You have to match your HubL output with the HubDB values. So if all your values are first letter capitalised only e.g. "Athletics" or "High jump" ( more
Raghavendra on March 20, 2023
{% set case_data = hubdb_table_rows(module.hubdbtable_field, 'sport_filter=Athletics&limit=3') %} in the place of Athletics i need to add custom choice but it is showing syntex error
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4 Replies
March 20, 2023 21:51
it is showing error
GKostadinova on March 18, 2023
Hi, I am trying to set up a workflow with custom code to automatically deduplicate and merge contacts. See my code below. However, for some reason I am getting an error: " ERROR Unhandled Promise Rejection{"errorType":"Runtime.UnhandledPromiseReject read more
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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
March 20, 2023 01:10
Hello @GKostadinova The error you're seeing suggests that the contactResult.body object is undefined, which means that there is no more
DOchieng on March 18, 2023
Hey guys , Hubspot has an option of adding code snippets in the header html and footer html of blog posts . In which instances would you find this feature helpful ? Thank you !
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Top Contributor
March 18, 2023 06:58
Adding scripts, styling, tracking codes, etc. In all instances it'd be something specific to that one page. As a developer I'd tend to view more
DOchieng on March 17, 2023
I am looking at the hubspot cms boilerplate ,specifically the blog template and can't seem to understand the following : What is blog_author_url ? What is the difference between content.publish_date and content.publish_date_localized ? I'l read more
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Top Contributor
March 17, 2023 12:03
blog_author_url is the url that shows the page for that specific author (i.e. all their posts) content.publish_date is in UTC time more
Track on March 17, 2023
So after a long, troubleshooting day with trying to find out why the heck I can't edit or see a Blog Post body I've discovered the following: First off, we have the Blog Post template(/templates/blog-post.html). This contains both <h1>{{ read more
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