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RomBosshard on Novembro 06, 2020
Hello everyone, I didn't see any post about the numbers of DNS people can have coming from Hubspot or most of you have been able to regroup/reduce the number of it. There is a large amount of DNS lookups coming from hubspot and I would like Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Março 22, 2023 11:14
Any update on this? Hubspot integration kills our site performance.
JohnLaprairie on Outubro 27, 2020
Hello, We are looking at some Google speed suggestions and for mobile users they recommend PWAs. There are pros and cons to this of course in terms of presenting updated information to mobile users but I don't want to get into that conversation. D Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
17 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Equipe de Produto da HubSpot
Outubro 28, 2020 15:40
Hey @JohnLaprairie ! Great question regarding PWAs! I do not believe the service worker placement should be an issue now as you can employ the p...Leia mais
SirHubalot on Outubro 21, 2020
I have started building templates and modules within Hubspot and comfortable with the development approach. However, one area I would like guidance on is the deployment approach. I have read articles regarding the staging approach and primary domain Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Outubro 28, 2020 05:24
Any chance in anyone else adding to this? Thanks!
Cristian_G on Outubro 08, 2020
Thanks in advance for the guidance you can give me. I have a new project for a client and I have to decide whether to develop it in Hubspot CMS or Wordpress. It is a directory of suppliers with their respective contact information and produc Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
6 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Outubro 08, 2020 09:19
Hi Crisitian, I built wordpress websites before using Hubspot CMS. You can do anything in wordpress and you got all the plugins but the downside i...Leia mais
Hrach on Outubro 07, 2020
I want to remove the green overlay that appears on clickable images here I want to have t he text and the Download button, but no overlays on hover. If someone were to show me how to do Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Especialista reconhecido(a) | Parceiro
Outubro 15, 2020 11:39
Hey @Hrach In addition to the code I provided add this: .row-fluid .resource-box .resource-Isocta { top: 50%; opacity: 1; } ...Leia mais
GoldRobot on Outubro 05, 2020
Sorry if this is the wrong forum, bu tI cant find the answer anywhere, and HubSpot will only chat or talk to you on the phone if you have a Starter or greater acount level. My current problem is that I cannot change the company name in the Market Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
8 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Março 28, 2022 10:51
Hi @dennisedson , We have a similar issue in our provider account. There is a typo in the company name which we cannot edit as there is a listing ...Leia mais
hkornilenko on Setembro 29, 2020
I am looking to streamline all our company pages' meta titles. I know with Yoast on WP you can create a default snippet for all meta titles ( . Is there a way to do t Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Equipe de Produto da HubSpot
Outubro 02, 2020 15:43
hello @hkornilenko ! The answer to this depends on how you built the page template If you built it through the Design Manager using the drag an...Leia mais
MichaelWallis1 on Setembro 10, 2020
Hi everyone I am developing a theme to comply with the Hubspot theme requirements and one of those is to check if the user has included jQuery. If they have not and your site requires jQuery to run, you need to run it yourself. My site addit Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro
Setembro 10, 2020 11:03
@MichaelWallis1 I would try this: {% if standard_header_includes is string_containing "jquery-migrate" %} i am a hubspot site that uses jquery...Leia mais
Venki on Setembro 09, 2020
I'm planning to edit the shutter stock image and use it as a home banner? how can i edit the colors of the image
0 avaliações positivas
5 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Setembro 10, 2020 10:15
Hi Jonchim, According to the latest updates of shutterstock images . We can't download or use the url of shutterstock image to use it in our pag...Leia mais
Elijah1 on Setembro 03, 2020
I have been trying to put my Gmail signature on my Hubspot account and every time I go to paste my signature instead of my images it shows cameras instead of my photos.
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Setembro 04, 2020 09:50
Hi @Elijah1 Is your current signature in Gmail HTML? In the Simple editor, you can use the icons to format the text, insert a link, o...Leia mais
ismasn35 on Agosto 24, 2020
hi community when i installed this plugin in wordppress it start prompting me with some critical errors in mysite health. the errors are the followings: 1) An active PHP session was detected — Performance A PHP session was created by a session Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Setembro 04, 2020 07:22
I have the same problem, disable the hubspot plugin and the problem goes. Your plugin should not be using the open session route.
John89 on Agosto 21, 2020
Hello, I'm trying to integrate the Meeting module inside a React component, but without luck. I receive the following warning: "Did not expect server HTML to contain a <iframe> in <div>." The component: Thanks guy Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Outubro 09, 2023 14:30
This React snippet works in case others need the code: <div className='scheduling-widget-wrapper'> <Helmet> <script ...Leia mais
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