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Jnix284 on May 04, 2022
If you unpublish a theme listing, is it still possible to offer support to existing customers by oferring updates (for bugfixes) via the marketplace, or would the customer accounts become detached from the listing once it was unpublished?
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1 Reply
Community Manager
May 04, 2022 08:52
Hey, @Jnix284 Thanks for the great question! I am double-checking with my internal resources. I am 97% confident you are correct, once unpublished, more
PrasadKD on March 17, 2022
Hi all, I'm new here. I have to create a login page, when users log in, they have to fill out a form, and the admin should also have login ids. when the admin logs in, it should lead to the dashboard which shows different users' submissions. can any read more
Community Manager
March 18, 2022 09:40
@PrasadKD I would explore the memberships product HubSpot offers. @Anton probably knows of some Wordpress plugins as well 🤔
mden on January 22, 2022
Can anyone please tell me how to connect domain in HubSpot marketplace account? I try to connect domian in settings -> website -> domain & urls and click on (Connect a domain) but it locked not allow add domain.
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Accepted Solution
Community Manager
January 24, 2022 10:08
Without paying for a brand domain, you will not be able to add one here. You can use the default domain if necessary
HHubly on January 11, 2022
I and a couple of friends who work producing HS modules from long time decided to try to sell some assets in the HS Marketplace so we created a free account and we want start from there. We get stuck when it comes to approval for the account: w read more
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2 Replies
Guide | Diamond Partner
January 13, 2022 05:48
Hi @HHubly , I suggest you to go for some premium or starter pack as per your requirement where you will get all access to asset and more
TSygut on December 23, 2021
Hi 🙂 I have problem with disappearing content while I'm editing blog styles. When I change any style in page editor, blog content disappear and after page refresh it appear again. {{content}} shows these values (Page 1 null after changing style read more
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
January 10, 2022 06:12
Hey @TSygut , I find this: Maybe it will work with more
JNFultz on October 11, 2021
Hello, I'm making a landing page using the free accordion module with large amounts of content. When you read to the bottom and click to the next accordion, the large amount of content is collapsed and I'm left at the bottom of the page, way be read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
November 09, 2021 03:35
This should work var accordionItems = document.querySelectorAll('.st-accordion-wrapperr a'); //you've got an extra 'r' in the 'wrapperr' class more
mden on October 08, 2021
Hi everyone i have create developer account and fill all provider Information but i have problem with upload company avatar everytime i upload image it alway alert (Something went wrong There was a problem uploading your image. Please try again late read more
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5 Replies
Accepted Solution
October 17, 2021 01:17
I try many time but not working, but when i create new account now it work
FatihÇelikgürz on October 05, 2021
Hi everyone, We are creating a landing page on Hubspot for our downloadable content. Some customizations needed to be done here but Hubspot's menus don't allow to do that. Firstly we would like to remove the "Türkçe-Türkiye" button/text from t read more
Guide | Diamond Partner
October 06, 2021 06:33
Hi @FatihÇelikgürz , Can you share an Live URL so we can do some testing and and send me header full code screenshot. If you do, we can do it more
NPhan on September 10, 2021
Hi guys. All demo on my acount not working ? What can i do 1. 2. Thanks to everyone for help.
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5 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
September 13, 2021 07:22
@NPhan Looks like you are using a test portal an asset marketplace portal. The test portal has an expiration date which appears to have just more
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