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KPiterski on February 14, 2024
We are looking to send HubSpot data into our Microsoft Dynamics 365, are we able to setup a firewall to secure the integration/data?
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Gold Partner
February 21, 2024 17:39
Hi @KPiterski Last year I build a Proof of Concept for a projects that connected HubSpot to Microsoft Power Automate. Unfortunately more
AIsmail12 on February 13, 2024
Hi, I'm working on email templates and trying to get product info with "Line items" in deals. Like:- Product title, Image, SKU, and product URL. Now, I'm using this code. Nothing is visible in the email. https://p read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
February 14, 2024 12:51
Sending a test email to yourself won't work as it has to go through a workflow set up in a way for it to know what deal to process (since users can more
hc_ar95 on January 30, 2024
Hello, I've created a module which I'm attempting to list on the marketplace. The first time I submitted the module for review was over a week ago. It went from "pending review" to "draft". Natually I started to look into my emails to see if read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
January 31, 2024 17:50
Hey, I can confirm I've completed both the above actions 🙂
hc_ar95 on January 24, 2024
I'm creating a block for the marketplace and encountering a persistent issue labelled "Module inherits standard fields", specifically: Module module_name.module with field type(s) font needs to inherit from at least one of the following standar read more
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
January 25, 2024 09:33
The font field in your module needs to inherit the theme settings using inherited_value (the second code block below the video in the more
DeZinerly on October 30, 2023
Hey, fellow marketeers. One of the modules (Blog) copied to my child theme of TrendBiz by MagicalMtas refuses to show updates on the site. I deleted the clone, recloned afresh, then made some minor copy edits and still found no updates making it t read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
November 01, 2023 09:49
@DeZinerly while I'm not familiar with this specific theme, one thing you can check is the base.html file in the child theme to see if there is more
JMangukiya on August 25, 2023
Hello People, I'm seeking your assistance, and I appreciate your help. I've developed an independent module for a marketplace. I've created a theme and a template for listing purposes, which I've used to construct a page. ( In brief, my module and read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
August 25, 2023 15:35
Hey, @JMangukiya 👋 Thanks for your question. Did you get this resolved? If not, here's where I'd start: Open your module's more
MattC47 on August 23, 2023
Hi, I am using a marketplace theme, with a child-theme setup to edit certain files from the parent theme. In the marketplace downloads section, I've noticed that the theme has a last updated date. Do the marketplace themes auto-update their read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Elite Partner
August 25, 2023 10:21
Hello @MattC47 Hubspot does not automatically update files in your account when updates are made available for downloaded assets. Files more
JMangukiya on August 21, 2023
Hello everyone, I have a question about the HubSpot Marketplace theme. Suppose I have a theme published in the marketplace, and a client designs a page using that theme. Later, I need to provide an update where I make changes to some variables, an read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
August 21, 2023 08:13
Hi @JMangukiya Yes they will lose their data. To prevent that client can create a child theme of the previous version. When you use a child more
RLord on August 05, 2023
Hi We have a internal newsletter designed and assets are ready and we need a developer to insert into HubSpot and share previews with our client, made tweaks and finalize it so they can distribute.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
August 07, 2023 11:53
Hi, @RLord 👋 Commenting for visibility. I hope your weekend was great! —Jaycee
anilsingh on July 31, 2023
I am trying to create a module listing for the marketplace, but the newly created modules and even the previously listed ones are not showing up. I'm wondering if you have any insights into why this might be happening.
0 upvote
3 Replies
Community Manager
August 02, 2023 17:12
Thanks for letting us know! — Jaycee
alvarofranz on June 29, 2023
I have been reading the Asset Marketplace April Rollup - Theme updates required by July 12th, 2023 notice. I need someone to please confirm if this is also required for: Private child theme of a theme I bought in the marketplace which I d read more
1 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
June 30, 2023 14:31
The requirements are purely for themes being made for the asset marketplace.
Dave2Dev on May 05, 2023
TLDR: This is the scenario. You are working on your own custom theme template but you find some great Marketplace theme template sections that you really like and would like to just tweak them a little bit for your own theme. Is this possible? read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
May 08, 2023 12:00
Thank you so much for your response! This is a production website and can not afford it potentially crashing. The thing that I learned here was more
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