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joe73k on November 23, 2022
Just setup my local tools and I'm having trouble getting anything to upload from my system to my Design Tools. I know everything is configured correctly because when I do a "hs list" or "hs fetch" I can see the remote file list and download files - read more
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1 Reply
November 24, 2022 09:12
Make sure you're in the proper folder when your in your local dev. Did you add a src and dest for the parameters? Otherwise it won't work. You more
MrCapp on November 17, 2022
Hi there - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I've seached but I've been unable to find an example of how to do this. I'm developing a theme and I would like to assign a CSS class to the body tags on some of the templates using (I assu read more
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3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
November 17, 2022 09:56
Hey @MrCapp , The builtin_body_classes are "built in" as the name suggests. It creates the necessary classes needed to "differentiate the more
unicorndev on November 15, 2022
Hello all, I'm not sure if I'm wording this right but I'd like to find out if there's a more efficient way to span my footer links into two separate lines(instead of the usual column boxes in 90% of footers everywhere). I was able to do this succes read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
November 15, 2022 11:24
You mentioned a CSS module so I'm guessing the theme has a place to add CSS? Because you can pretty much achieve what you want using just CSS. I more
Track on November 15, 2022
Hey, say I have 5 clients that each have their own Hubspot accounts. I want to have one theme that I can distribute to them all. In practice this would for example be a repo containing the "CMS Theme Boilerplate" + custom modules. This repo I'd li read more
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2 Replies
November 21, 2022 00:36
What I've done currently is that I followed the jist of the 'github-integration guide' and did my own version in Azure Devops (pipelines). Same more
DenizTas on November 13, 2022
Hi Everyone, Our company has a react.js project. We want to deploy that to the HubSpot area without changes or more development. It's just environmental changes. We currently use this like build react projects and get f read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
November 14, 2022 16:53
Hi, @DenizTas 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Hey, @JBeatty @Teun , do you have any relevant experience here? Thank you very much! — more
Track on November 11, 2022
Hello! I'm just starting to dive into this Hub universe and my first question is: I will likely need to create custom modules for my customers and I'm wondering if it's possible to e.g. choose a well made theme from the marketplace and use this as m read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
November 11, 2022 13:55
Hey @Track , Marketplace themes are not able to be downloaded locally as that could possibly lead to people distrubuting a theme across more
sjay on November 09, 2022
Hi There, Wanted to add an extra text box in the page settings for our internal purpose. Is it possible?
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6 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Partner
November 17, 2022 03:35
You could use the CMS API to get all of the pages and look for that data value more
samsargent on November 07, 2022
Hello, We would like to take our current contracts digital so that we can email them straight to our clients from HubSpot Deals. We currently write them all in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat. We have tried to use the templates on HubSpot, but the read more
Contributor | Elite Partner
November 07, 2022 12:32
Hey! I would love to discuss this with you. At Bluleadz we are #3 in the USA as a Hubspot Partner and have achieved elite status for our efforts more
evaldas on October 24, 2022
Tried following the tutorial for child themes , but getting errors when using the CLI. When trying to fetch the fields.json file to a child theme: [ERROR] The request for "@marketplace/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/fields.json" in account XXXXXXXX wa read more
Contributor | Platinum Partner
October 25, 2022 18:42
Thank you for your input. This is a good point and I agree that making it forbidden through the CLI minimizes risk in a way that it makes it less more
PL8 on October 19, 2022
 I want to create my functions to use Hubspot api,but now it throws some error.Need some help! thx
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
October 20, 2022 10:57
Hi, @PL8 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Can you provide any additional details to help provide our community with additional information, please? more
barteksonarhome on October 19, 2022
Hello everyone. It is possible to create a scheduling page by API or create it by template? Action clone doesn't work on round robin scheduling page. How to manage hundreds of scheduling pages? Does anyone have any workaround or external applicat read more
October 20, 2022 02:06
Thanks, @albertsg . I use API in many cases, unfortunately Scheduling Pages don't have any APIs. In HubSpot Ideas, I found a few ideas, but they more
JC6 on October 14, 2022
Hi, Maybe this is already possible and I'm missing it, but it would be nice if there was a CLI command to create a default file structure for modules.
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Elite Partner
October 14, 2022 09:15
@JC6 You should be able to use the following to create a new module using CLI: hs create module <name> [dest]
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