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abbyxia on November 04, 2020
Hi There, I added a website URL on the landing page by using source code. the editor preview was no hslanhg=en at end of the URL. but once i published, check the URL on the landing page, it will be showing at the end. How can I remove this? so w read more
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Accepted Solution
HubSpot Product Team
November 04, 2020 21:36
Hello @abbyxia ! Are you still struggling with this? I went to that site and I did not get the language param added to the url. If you are, more
Cristian_G on October 08, 2020
Thanks in advance for the guidance you can give me. I have a new project for a client and I have to decide whether to develop it in Hubspot CMS or Wordpress. It is a directory of suppliers with their respective contact information and produc read more
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6 Replies
Accepted Solution
October 08, 2020 09:19
Hi Crisitian, I built wordpress websites before using Hubspot CMS. You can do anything in wordpress and you got all the plugins but the downside more
megan_Encamp26 on September 23, 2020
I created an app in Drona and embedded it into a Knowledge Base article. The app loads but the entire screen won't show up without scrolling. Is there a way to make the full app show up? I've messed with the width and height of the iframe and it doe read more
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HubSpot Employee
September 24, 2020 05:47
Hi Megan, I am not familiar with Drona but you maybe able to edit the styles within that application so that it fits on the screen. I would more
Jamila-lawal on September 17, 2020
Hello, We have 2 CTAs that are referencing styling from a stylesheet 'Act21.css'. Below is an example of how it looks on the problem page. This is odd as it displays correctly on this page which uses the same module and styleshee read more
Key Advisor | Partner
September 17, 2020 21:35
@Jamila-lawal You can remove the "button" class from the link and it displays as intended. Otherwise, you will want to try and find where the more
shivammishra on August 11, 2020
I am tyring to build a LMS module in hubspot. I am using private registration - list membership feature for lessons which visitors / users will be taking. I was wondering if there is a way to implement single sign on and google login feature alongwi read more
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3 Replies
January 09, 2023 05:47
@shivammishra You can try Protect Pages through SSO Solution and let us know if that is what you were looking for.
Kacper on August 10, 2020
Hello everyone, im new to Hubspot and i am looking for a solution to have a CMS where i can re-use my react components . The intention is to copy-paste like the design and the functionality of my current react software to the website. Since the read more
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Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Partner
August 10, 2020 09:47
Hey @Kacper Check out these article: Getting started with local development Local Development Tooling: CMS CLI Reference more
AlexanderData on August 05, 2020
Tengo una consulta y espero que la comunidad pueda ayudarme. El CMS de hubspot cumple las condiciones y las métricas de CWV (Core web vitals) y donde las establece dentro de sus metricas de media y como ayuda el CMS a esto. Estas son las metricas read more
3 Replies
June 30, 2022 09:34
We're considering abandoning HS CMS becuse it performs poorly on google core vitals. For example we cannot control: 1) unused javascript =& more
Marketer1 on August 01, 2020
I am creating a landing page (pillar page) in HubSpot and it looks fine on desktop but is not being responsive for mobile devices. I had to add padding to make everything line up correctly, but this is throwing off the mobile display. I contacted su read more
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6 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
August 01, 2020 17:01
So you're working with the page-builder only? Then it won't be possible to add media queries. You'll need to go to the "Design-Manager" which more
AdrianR on July 29, 2020
Hey guy, we are using copecart and now we searching for a option to integrate closed deals on copecart to hubspot deals. Is there already a solution? We didnt find anything. Thanks for your answers.
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 10, 2022 09:14
Hi Adrian, did you find an solution? I want to track Customer Lifetime Value. I also have Copecart Tobias
Ntbrown on July 17, 2020
In themes we have the "inherited_value" option per the documentation: However this is only for default values.... What about cases w read more
Community Manager
July 21, 2020 05:03
Hey @Ntbrown Thank you for sharing this. I'll tag a few experts that can share their thoughts. Hey @SandyG1 @Chris-M more
Xenor on July 06, 2020
Hi! Is there any possibility to include blog tag listing pages (e.g. ) in sitemap? We've built a custom meta tags system based on HubDB and now we'd like them to show up in sitemap. BTW: Having custom read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
July 07, 2020 04:31
Hi @Bryantworks ! Thanks for your reply! I don't quite get where in sitemap settings I can put any kind od HubL code:
roseoakley on July 06, 2020
Hi All, Does anyone recommend an external data management provider/service to maintain, cleanse and update all our data in Hubspot? Posting brief below and recommendations are welcome: 1-2 contractors who work to a fortnightly brief o read more
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Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
July 06, 2020 07:14
I know of Huble Digital (not affiliated), not sure if they cover this, but if you want to search and add new contacts to your database against a more
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