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BrettRobinson on July 16, 2021
I would like to wrap the entire column's (.lp-single-card) contents in a link. I'm wondering if it's possible to do through the "Column Wrapping HTML" on the right side bar. So it would function like: <a href="" target="_blank"> &l read more
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4 Replies
Thought Leader
July 22, 2021 03:16
Hi @BrettRobinson , I would suggest to create a simple custom module for that(better for everything 😁 ). You'll need: your CSS more
NBaring on July 13, 2021
From what I can see you can only view the dynamic pages after publishing the page? Is there a way to get around this? I was hoping to there would be a way to create an external template and use that within this block: {% if dynamic_page_h read more
Accepted solution
Guide | Elite Partner
July 14, 2021 04:58
Hi @NBaring , So if your question is; can I view the dynamic pages when not published yet? This is not possible. As mentioned in the more
CSarzana on July 12, 2021
Hi everybody, I'm struggling in find a way to set left and right margin in {% dnd_column %}. When I try to set a different left margin, I got this error: Is there something I can do? Thanks, Camilla
Accepted solution
Guide | Diamond Partner
July 14, 2021 06:04
@CSarzana , Yes, the dnd column shows the default margin for that you can add the margin 0 with the section area class reference. Hope more
ljakiel on June 28, 2021
We're having issues with the way our content folds when previewed on a tablet. In the design tools we've added the code in the image below to the lp-section 3 module but it doesn't make any changes to the preview. When we add it to the div class=row read more
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3 Replies
Accepted solution
Recognized Expert | Partner
June 28, 2021 19:27
Hey @ljakiel You might want to target the @media(min-width:768px) and (max-width:1139px) media query from you template. see below: more
ljakiel on June 24, 2021
When I preview my landing page on tablet, rather then folding and stacking content into a single column (like it does when previewed on mobile), mostly everything stays side by side. Ideally I would like the tablet to respond similarly to how the pa read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted solution
June 25, 2021 03:23
Hi @ljakiel , I strongly suggest using media queries as you mention. If you are familiar with CSS, working with media queries shouldn't be a more
BarryGrennan on June 18, 2021
I can fetch all templates ok, including dnd templates. But when I try to upload them to my development portal I get the error " User does not have permission to create the resource with id XXXXXXXXXX."
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted solution
Guide | Diamond Partner
June 23, 2021 07:19
Hi @BarryGrennan , Sometimes these issues are happened because of a config file. You can create a new file or check the permissions. Kindly more
NPeters on June 10, 2021
In an effort to provide a way to help my teams content editors create consistent layouts with DnD modules and pages, taking some inspiration from CodyHouse I have been able to overlay a guide: The site is not live, but when it is I wou read more
Accepted solution
Top Contributor | Elite Partner
June 11, 2021 05:43
Hi! Sadly, there is not really a nice way to check if you are logged into to the site as a HubSpot user. They way we do this, is with a quick more
NPeters on June 10, 2021
TL;DR To ensure content editors create consistent layouts in pages. How can I set my theme to use a default maxiumum width/padding for auto generated section when modules are dropped into a DnD template? The issue I have setup a new t read more
Guide | Diamond Partner
June 11, 2021 04:22
Hi @NPeters , Please use full_width=true in dnd_section and use padding like padding={ 'default': { 'top': 0,'right': 0, 'bottom': 0, 'left': 0 more
rossatgrowth on June 08, 2021
Hello all, we're looking to create a custom blog post listing page for a client. In addition to control over the look and feel (we'll be using CSS/JavaScript for layout no problem), we hope to have sortable, filterable posts much like any standard l read more
Accepted solution
Top Contributor | Elite Partner
June 10, 2021 02:30
As our template is a bunch of includes, here is the standalone filter with checkboxes 🙂 This should create the filters with the correct URL . more
rossatgrowth on May 14, 2021
Hello all, We're looking into building a page on WordPress and transferring it to HubSpot's CMS. Does anyone have experience with HubSpot's website migration service ? We're looking to build a site for a client on WordPress (likely worth mentio read more
Accepted solution
Thought Leader
June 03, 2021 09:06
Hi @rossatgrowth , if you "migrate" pages from Divi often I think it would be best to create a "Divi clone" theme with all the modules and more
Kavya on May 12, 2021
Hi, Hope everyone doing good. Now I have a website with Craft CMS and Yii as the framework, but I want to migrate/move to Hubspot. I have checked the themes available in Hubspot CMS hub to develop it from scratch but none matches my current websi read more
Accepted solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
May 12, 2021 04:14
Hi @Kavya Have you consulted HubSpot about possible migration of your website ( more
rossatgrowth on May 10, 2021
Hello all, We're doing work for a client who would like to be able to swap templates but keep the content. When using the "Choose a Different Template" option in the builder, instead of keeping the current content it replaces it with the templat read more
Accepted solution
May 11, 2021 04:19
Hello @rossatgrowth , I believe you could achieve this if all your content is stored in a "main" custom module. For example, you could have a more
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