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alvarofranz le Mai 27, 2023
The way I create module fields is by using the Design Tools UI on the web, instead of manually writing the fields.json file. Then I download the module with hs fetch and keep working on it locally. If you think there is a better way, please let Lire la suite
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BBecker1 le Mai 23, 2023
Is it even possible to filter on standard tags within hubspot? So I added text standard tags to my blog_post template {% text "project_region" label="Enter region here", value="" %} So in my blog I can now add text there and add a region to Lire la suite
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Mai 25, 2023 02:19
Hello @Jaycee_Lewis , Yes, I want to be able to filter by region and other tags that I have added in the same way. So when the user selects va...Lire la suite
HanaHuyenNguyen le Mai 19, 2023
Hi, I am very new to HubSpot CMS and struggling to create a custom quote template. I managed to: - create child theme and clone modern.html template to make edit - create a new custom module with 4 text fields (required input from users)and pu Lire la suite
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Mai 24, 2023 02:32
@amwilie thanks for the answer, it is disappointed that such functionality is not possible. I will have to live with it then.
IDraghia le Mai 18, 2023
I am working on a custom Quote template, and we want to show one table for the "non-recurring" products/services, another table for the recurring products and another table for products from a specific category. Does anyone has any ideas how I can d Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 19, 2023 17:31
Hi, @IDraghia 👋 Thanks for your question! Based on my understanding, this isn't possible by default. Hey, @Anton @MBERARD @Mike_Eas...Lire la suite
EBaldoni le Mai 16, 2023
Our client has a site with 40+ pages created with the Growth theme. Now they want a customized website header. The module says I can't edit it without creating a child theme. Do I make the child theme and then clone the header module there to work o Lire la suite
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Accepted Solution
Conseiller clé | Partenaire solutions Elite
Mai 16, 2023 22:11
Creating a stand alone custom module to use within the global header section of the theme would be the least amount of work. If you create a ch...Lire la suite
JMeester le Mai 15, 2023
I would like to show the amount of form submissions next to or within a form on a webinar registration page to create a bit of social proof. Is this possible to retrieve this data in the form editor or in the design manager with HubL? For exampl Lire la suite
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Guide | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Mai 15, 2023 14:59
Hi @JMeester , There is no out of the box way that I know of to do this. If you have Operations Hub or another automation platform you could g...Lire la suite
Luke-Simp le Mai 15, 2023
Hi there, have been taking some inspiration from to create a simple filter to filter the results in https://8830131.hs-si Lire la suite
Mai 25, 2023 19:55
Hi Gaurav, Thanks for your guidance and support! Looks good. I'm getting an error with <form id="form_id" method="get" action="{{ hubdb_table_u...Lire la suite
icheshire le Mai 14, 2023
I just setup Github Actions on a hubspot project that has been working without it. But, before I setup Github I moved files into folders on my local version. Now all the modules are organized, but when pushing to hubspot it shows the organized folde Lire la suite
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Mai 21, 2023 17:40
Thanks for your reply! It's really ashame hubspot hasn't fixed this local development issue. Even though it seems like they use github themselves int...Lire la suite
AMunro3 le Mai 12, 2023
Good morning, We have dynamic pages which pull images from a hubdb, i have the correct meta data that is added to the <head> of the html file. Example below <meta name="twitter:site" content=""> <met Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 15, 2023 13:20
Hi, @AMunro3 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Did you get this worked out? If not, here are few troubleshooting steps: Try to force a refresh of ...Lire la suite
fragi le Mai 11, 2023
I'm trying to put on an image a svg mask with "-webkit-mask-image" but I get the error code 404 in the chrome editor. Does anybody has an idea how to solve it?
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Accepted Solution
Mai 11, 2023 06:03
I've got a solution you have to encode the svg as base64 than it is working.
JAlberto le Mai 11, 2023
Hello Fellow Hubspot Users, Is anyone here experienced editing the Quote via Coded Template? I noticed it does not display the Total Contract Value so it causes confusion. What I mean is that when you input your items from the Product Library, Lire la suite
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Mai 11, 2023 20:59
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , The default is, it will just display the Product and its price. So, If I have a product that costs $25 and I am ordering a Qu...Lire la suite
simosanfilippo le Mai 10, 2023
Hello everyone! I'm trying to get a deal associated contact by Its associated label in a quote. If I use the hubl 'crm_associations' function in a module with hardcoded values I can see the result in the module preview, but when I use Lire la suite
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Membre | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Mai 13, 2023 12:29
Hi Jaycee, you correctly understood the needed steps! It would be great if we could declare an hubl variable (as we already do for other custom ob...Lire la suite
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