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FvanderKloot on Juni 25, 2024
I'm currently working on a website for a company that offers multiple courses, services, ... Each course has a lot of information, so the best practice would be to create a blog template for those detail pages, but If I do that can I create card lis Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juni 25, 2024 03:52
Hi @FvanderKloot , creating courses with a blog is a great way but could be bound to quite a lot of custom development(listing & post templat...Beitrag ansehen
EdCupaioli on Juni 24, 2024
Background I am developing a nav bar which is transparent with white text on init. This is an issue since the preview for the module has a white background. Solution Using the In-app editory and preview variables allowed me to set a Beitrag ansehen
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Juni 25, 2024 06:49
Thanks for sharing this @EdCupaioli , I've started to see more themes take advantage of the editor/preview variables to improve the user experience ...Beitrag ansehen
WArteca on Juni 21, 2024
Hello, My menu changes vertical on the mobile site and takes up half the screen. How would I make this "hamburger style" when it the website is pulled up mobilly? Best, Bill
1 Antwort
Akzeptierte Lösung
Juni 22, 2024 08:21
Hi @WArteca , in order to implement a "hamburger" menu you'll have to modify the existing header template or create a new one for mobile. Depends...Beitrag ansehen
AGray65 on Juni 20, 2024
So I'm trying to embed a cta into a page (new CTA, not legacy) and even though I am setting the thing to be responsive, it is still getting fixed dimensions in the code output. <div class="hs-cta-embed hs-cta-simple-placeholder hs-cta-embed- Beitrag ansehen
Akzeptierte Lösung
Ratgeber/-in | Platinum Partner
Juni 20, 2024 09:56
Hi @AGray65 Was running into the same issue and thought it was a bug but HubSpot support confirmed the code is generated as intended. ...Beitrag ansehen
pnylon7 on Juni 18, 2024
I cloned a production site account over to a sandbox account. The main reason I did this is so I could test making some changes before doing them in production. Everything seemed to work out up until I had to start recreating pages. I started manual Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Juni 20, 2024 13:43
@Jnix284 I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that all the files were visible in the Design Manager immediately after the sandbox was created. The pro...Beitrag ansehen
dtg001 on Juni 18, 2024
Hi all, I'm thinking of creating a page that would list all old topic links (inside rich text module) that I removed from my main page. This links are all external links and will be redirected to another page once clicked. I tried using the Beitrag ansehen
Akzeptierte Lösung
Juni 18, 2024 09:13
Hi @dtg001 , the easiest way would be to create a custom module with a for-loop . Once you've created a custom module add a text (not rich...Beitrag ansehen
SebaMolinari on Juni 14, 2024
Hello! I would like to know if someone can help me with this query: Can I change the call to action that is in the Menu of my blog posts without it changing on the landing page? When I edit and change it, it also gets published on the landing pages. Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Trendsetter/-in | Diamond Partner
Juni 14, 2024 16:40
Hi @SebaMolinari , Is the 'Menu blog' also shown on your landing pages? If not, I can assume you could select a different CTA in the module...Beitrag ansehen
rrhbates on Juni 10, 2024
I am super bummed with HubSpot limiting the number of dynamic pages you can create for HubDB or CRM objects to just 10. I'm wondering if anyone has a creative solution for getting around this. Our use case: We currently use a HubDB table and h Beitrag ansehen
9 Antworten
Ratgeber/-in | Partner
Juni 13, 2024 12:23
@rrhbates - yes. The modules organizes HubDB data in set up a specific display format and search options. Live example here where all the partne...Beitrag ansehen
BBecker1 on Juni 06, 2024
Hello, So I am having the issue that I am not able to see a listing module I build. I can only see the output when using &hsDebug=true or &hsCacheBuster=8602. What could be the issue here?
8 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Juni 14, 2024 11:07
@BBecker1 sorry that didn't help, I'm curious if it would be a limit issue if you can see it with the hsdebug/cachebuster though. Have you re...Beitrag ansehen
MAmbrogi on Juni 05, 2024
hello, HTML custom module, seems to be bugged as it is not showing any content inside. find a demo page here: there should be an HTML element with a simple div inside, id='hubspot_support' but it i Beitrag ansehen
7 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Juni 06, 2024 13:21
Hey @MAmbrogi , you have to add the function to the module like this: Simply click on "add fields" and select "text"(not rich-text) s...Beitrag ansehen
BBecker1 on Mai 28, 2024
Hello, I was wanted to know what would be te best approach for my problem. I am looking to create a website wich shows for example "cars" these come from a API that has 35.000 cars in it. These cars should have their own pages so my first tought is Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Trendsetter/-in | Diamond Partner
Mai 28, 2024 08:10
Hi @BBecker1 , Using HubDB is a great fit for a use-case as you are describing. However, there is a limit that you have to keep in mind. Curr...Beitrag ansehen
TMisuna on Mai 25, 2024
Is it possible to embed an icon in a CSS pseudo-element using an icon field? Is the following code not sufficient to use fontawesome, especially the latest version 6 series, with CSS pseudo-elements such as::before and::after? My CSS .te Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Akzeptierte Lösung
Mai 25, 2024 11:29
Hi @TMisuna Font Awesome icons are provided as a web font. To use them, ensure you've added the Font Awesome library to the <head> sec...Beitrag ansehen
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