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tony_newday 1月 12日, 2023
Hi everyone! I need to add a column with date and time to my HubDB table. But the problem is that the data is displayed in UTC 00:00 time zone. At the same time, in my account defaults settings, I specified the time zone which I needed (EST -05:00) 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
1月 13日, 2023 14:37
The account defaults would have no bearing on HubDB event times, I think what you'd want to do is subtract the ammount of time in unix. So if y...続きを読む
PatrickEng 11月 14日, 2022
Hey HubSpot Community, My name is Patrick Eng and I’m a member of the Onboarding Scale Team at HubSpot. Throughout this week, we’ll be running an Ask Me Anything (AMA) that will answer all of your website migration questions. Have you ever wa 続きを読む
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HubSpot Employee
12月 08日, 2022 13:28
Hi Isabel, Sounds good! I'll reach out to you directly to continue the conversation. Looking forward to it!
Jaycee_Lewis 10月 17日, 2022
Start gathering your website migration questions now! Starting on November 14th and going all week long, HubSpot thought leaders and product experts will be working together to answer your questions on how to migrate, deploy, and scale your website 続きを読む
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Jaycee_Lewis 7月 12日, 2022
Hey, HubSpot Community 🧡 It's been a big month for CMS Hub Free! We've added a ton of features to CMS Hub Free including—1 blog (up to 100 blog posts), 25 landing pages, and 1 subdomain and 1 CCTLD on 1 root domain. To support you al 続きを読む
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27 コメント
名誉エキスパート | Diamond Partner
7月 16日, 2022 18:32
Hi @lpleva , this is huge! Thank you for this! Looking forward for the customizable wizard! best, Anton
Jaycee_Lewis 6月 16日, 2022
UPDATE (7/12/2022) The AMA is live — CMS Hub Free AMA The wait is over. CMS Hub Free is here! Get your calendars updated! Gather all your questions. Beginning July 12th, leaders and product experts from across HubSpot will u 続きを読む
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PatrickEng 1月 24日, 2022
CMS Hub Development Hey HubSpot Community, Get ready for our next round of the CMS Hub Ask Me Anything! 2021 was a big year for CMS Hub as it added multiple features with CMS Starter, CRM Object pages, hundreds of new themes, 続きを読む
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21 コメント
6月 09日, 2022 04:56
I will investigate this. I did attempt to make a custom item into my creation account just to eliminate the chance it could be a sandbox issue, yet I...続きを読む
PatrickEng 1月 14日, 2022
Start gathering your CMS Hub questions now! Starting on January 24th and going all week long, HubSpot thought leaders and product experts will be working together to answer your CMS Hub questions in our 4th CMS Hub AMA. Missed our other AM 続きを読む
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HubSpot Employee
1月 24日, 2022 09:07
The CMS Hub AMA is now live, please go over to our main thread and ask all your CMS Hub questions there!続きを読む
dennisedson 10月 26日, 2021
What: Live AMA with Connor Jeffers & Emily Wingrove on CMS Hub Playbook When: November 3rd 12:00pm EST How to Attend: Sign up here Heyo! We've got a treat for you! On November 3rd at 12AM (EST) , we’ll 続きを読む
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dennisedson 10月 18日, 2021
edit 11.17.21 The content from Developer Day is now available on the HubSpot Developer YouTube channel. You can access it here Ok. We figured we would give you a little time to recover from Inbound before we hit you with this one. 続きを読む
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6 コメント
11月 17日, 2021 12:40
Hey all! Videos are available here Make sure to subscribe to the HubSpot Developer YouTube channel while you are there so you know when new con...続きを読む
sooonding 10月 08日, 2021
Hello, I have a problem. The problem is that the text in the footer is searched. To solve this problem, I surrounded hs-search-hidden, but I continue to be exposed to search results. How can I solve this problem?
Accepted Solution
ガイド役 | Diamond Partner
10月 08日, 2021 09:02
Hi @sooonding , You need to create search page and select default setting that search list work: Setting > website > page select Search te...続きを読む
eugenio_rossi 10月 04日, 2021
Hi to anyone, I'd need to develop within Hubspot CMS a whole section of a website. This section, let's say Recipe, with the ingredients, dosage etc of single recipe. Each recipe should be considered as a page, let's say something like this: 続きを読む
名誉エキスパート | Diamond Partner
10月 04日, 2021 14:32
Four options, depending on your requirements: 1. HubDB, allows you to store rows with custom columns, create dynamic pages and you can build so...続きを読む
dennisedson 7月 28日, 2021
Are you currently on a journey to earning the HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification from HubSpot Academy? Check out this exam and practicum prep session. In the recording, we provide: An overview of the HubSpot CMS for Developers 続きを読む
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1 コメント
7月 28日, 2021 16:42
Excited to have been part of this Exam Prep session! If you have any questions for me, please feel reach to reach out to me here or on LinkedIn . Wo...続きを読む



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