Workaround of adding longer description for RSS feed


I am looking to automate my newsletters but running into several limitations.


Frequency/RSS Token

So ideally I want to have an automated email sent once every three weeks. Given that the blog subscription emails only come in the instant, daily, weekly, or monthly we opted to do the monthly for now. But this led us to not being able to add an additional description to the "summary" RSS token. At the moment, we use that token to serve as a preview for the blog post on the blog listing page - meaning it's only one sentence and not sufficient for an email. So my question would be: can I add a custom RSS token to the blog post in the source code that I can then use in the email? 

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 15.42.09.png


Side note: We can't make the preview text longer because that will disrupt the readability on the lister page. They are now created in a way where the preview is concise on the lister page. But this preview then reverts to a subheader on the blog post.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 15.45.57.pngScreen Shot 2021-01-28 at 15.45.49.png


I've come to terms with the fact we won't be able to automate them based on the frequency we want - also because we want to include another list in these 3 week updates. But are there any workarounds for the problem above? I thought maybe adding a different RSS token to the email or <div class> to the blog post but I was told these are both not viable options. Any ideas from you intelligent Hubspot enthusiasts?

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Hi @Janelle 

Thanks for the detailed post 😀

I've come to terms with the fact we won't be able to automate them based on the frequency we want

This was a sad sentence that I don't like to see 😥.  You should post that in the ideas forum and send a link back here for us all to upvote.

@amwilie , @Kevin-C can you all lend a hand here?



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Hi Dennis, thanks! I found the same idea here that those interested can upvote 🙂