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Wordpress Plugin Styling Issue

I would like to have a single Hubspot form that is used in two different ways.  In one case send to customers and accessed directly.  In the other case, embedded on our Wordpress site.


In the Wordpress site, I'd like to use some simple css to hide two elements.  So far, this isn't working.


I've tried various versions of css selectors from the advanced plugin configuration.  The css only seems to save sometimes, meaning upon returning to the page what I have added is occasionaly gone.  I realize, we could have multiple forms, but this seems like an easy thing to accomplish and we'll need this pattern for multiple activities.




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Recognized Expert | Partner

Wordpress Plugin Styling Issue

Hey @e0d 


The Additional CSS Class(es) field is for applying a class, not defining it. You should define it in your site CSS.


/* Site CSS */
.hs-form-hide {
  visibility: hidden!important;


In that field Additional CSS field paste "hs-form-hide".


Hope that gets you going!

Kevin Cornett - Sr. Solutions Architect @ BridgeRev
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Wordpress Plugin Styling Issue

Hi @e0d ,

1:  I moved your question to the CMS board as I think this is a better place to get some help

2:  In the screenshot you provided, it looks like you are adding a CSS rule rather than a CSS class.  You would add the class here and then use the stylesheet to apply a rule on that class

3:  Could you provide a link to the page with the form so the community can take a look and help you with your problem?

@jonchim , @JanetArmstrong , @derekcavaliero , once @e0d provides a link, could you all help out with this?  


Thanks in advance!