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I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to link landing page stats to an external landing page created in a Wordpress site.


The pages are tracking fine as standard pages but I want to track the Wordpress landing pages in the landing pages section in HubSpot - so essentially create a link between a HobSpot landing page and the Wordpress page.


I've looked into Tracking URLs but that isn't the solution unfortunately, so I'm hoping someone here may have done this.



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Hi @wurkhouse, thanks for reaching out. 


You might be using this already, but we do have a HubSpot Tracking Code for Wordpress, which allows you to track key data from your Wordpress pages in HubSpot. 


I think you're referring to the ability to view your Wordpress pages' data from within your Landing Pages dashboard analytics, though (correct me if I'm wrong). If that is the case, you did have the correct instinct - at the moment, and due to structural realities, there is no way to do this, as the Landing Page Analytics view (including graphs, stats and other visuals) is only available for pages that were created within HubSpot. 


I would, however, encourage you to post about this on the Ideas board right here in the Community, as the product team always appreciates hearing this kind of feedback from our customers. Also, do let me know if I've missed the point of your question and I'll be sure to follow up Smiley Happy

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I'm wondering if there has been any recent traction on this topic and if there are newfound structural changes that would allow for landing page tracking on Wordpress pages.


We're facing a similar dilemma of building blogs/pages in Hubspot as we value the ease and flexibility of creating complex custom pages in WP with elementor. At the moment, this same level of drag and drop page building just isn't available in Hubspot, and we feel our site would loose a lot of it's shine by compromising with more static Hubspot templates.


Looking to advice from anyone who has experienced similar sentiments. Thanks!