Why can't I make this group a global module?

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Hi all-


I built a simple email footer using the design manager drag and drop tool since I don't posess the skills to build a custom-coded footer from scratch.


Here it is:

I wanted to convert it to global group so I could use the module in an email I already created in the content editor. But as you can see in the screenshot below, that action is greyed out. I am not using flexible columns, the social share is a copy (thus not the global module), and as far as I can tell we are on the latest version of design manager (thus no updates needed.)

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 11.19.17 AM.png


Alternatively, if there is a better way to create the footer module so it is easily available to port into emails instead of designing an entire email template, I'm all ears.

I've searched the HS community forums but haven't found anything similar. Thanks. Development skills are beginner.

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Hey @MarianKaha 


Check out this link. The second "Please note:" section outlines that unfortunately this isn't possible at this time inside an email template.


Alternatively, despite not having much coding experience you could:

  • Send a test email to yourself witht he custom built template containing your soon to be global group.
  • Using your browsers inspector/developer tools, copy the html markup from the email in your inbox.
  • Create a custom global email module and paste the markup into the editor.
  • Publish and add to any email template.
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Thank you @Kevin-C  for helping. Ultimately, I took the default HS footer module, added "Follow us on social" above and added some basic styling and was able to add it to my current email that I created from the content editor. 


Here is the final result:




And by the way, in your method, you suggest creating a global email module, but isn't that not possible? (i.e. we can only use the global ones provided by HS or make copies of those ones?) Or were you suggesting creating a global group in a different template (a webpage for example) and then making it a global module that could be used in an email template?