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Using hub cms with react component library



I am a Hubspot noobie so my apologies if im asking dumb questions.



Our company is moving to Hubspot CRM and they also want to use the HubCMS for segmentation (show elements based on customer lifecycle state) and drag and drop capability. We have a custom component library written in React and a couple of frontend apps running NextJS. Our backend systems are event driven NODEJS microservices and we use graphQL for client ⇒ server communication.

So from a development perspective we would like to keep using our component library and use it in Hubspot. Basically i want our marketeers to be able to drag and drop these React components onto the pages. We played around with this a bit and it seems like all resources on the internet are pointing to inject an entire app as a Hubspot module and this will mean losing drag and drop capability. Is it possible to have our React components as separate modules. I was unable to find any resources on how to possibly achieve this.


We also have some more complex components that we already built in React and it would be preferable to us to be able to re-use those. We already did an experiment with a simple browser native web-component but we don’t have a lot of expertise in this aria. It seems that having to rebuild our complex components in vanilla JS will be very time consuming so this is not preferred.


We have not synced all our data into Hubspot yet so we are also trying to figure out if there is some kind of http client (preferabele GraphQl) available in HUBL itself to fetch data from external endpoints or that we would have to do this with client side Javascript. I did see that Hubspot offers serverless functions so i think for our external endpoints that might work.

We also want the Hubspot pages to be able to communicate with our internal backend services although those are internal to our cluster. So we are also wondering if it is possible to host the Hubspot app our selfs within our Kubernetes cluster.


We are starting to wonder if we would not be better off going for a headless CMS which is build with our stack in mind. The only problem we see there is getting the segmentation render rules that the CMS offers (based on lifecycle etc) to work. Although i think this should be possible via the Hubspot CRM api’s


Hearing these problems what would you do in our situation? Any tips would be highly appreciated.


Kind regards.

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Using hub cms with react component library

Hi, @RvanDijk 👋 Thanks for reaching out. I am going to tag in some community members to give their insights here — hey @Teun @Mike_Eastwood @JBeatty @nikodev, do you have any thoughts or experience with any of @RvanDijk's questions? 


Here are the resources we have on using GraphQL and HubSpot:

Thank you! — Jaycee


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