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Use portal ID variable in fields.json

Hi there,


Is it possible to use a variable, like the {{ portal_id }} in a fields.json file of a module? I would like to use a default value for a URL field linking to a mp4 file in my custom theme folder. When I use 


 "default" : {
    "content_id" : null,
    "href" : "{{ portal_id }}/media/example.mp4",
    "type" : "EXTERNAL"


the {{ portal_id }} variable isn't working. Is there a solution to this?


Thanks for your help!

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Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner

Use portal ID variable in fields.json

Hi @RoFiks 

Nope because in field.json we can only write HubSpot fields in JSON format. But you can set the default value of the URL field which can do in that field also in your template. Use { "default": "Your Value" }.


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Gaurav Rajput
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