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Use Smart Content on Wordpress / Tyop3 Sites

Is it possible to use the Hubspot Smart Content functionality on any CMS such as Wordpress or Tyop3 Sites with Custom Integrations (API)?

We would like to show the users relevant content based on contact information contained in Hubspot, such as company/industry/list affiliation, etc..

However, we do NOT want to use the Hubspot CMS for this.

Is this possible?

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Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner

Use Smart Content on Wordpress / Tyop3 Sites

Hi @Jonathan_S

first thought: not possible since smart content is bound to HubSpot and cannot be accessed from external sources. 


Further thought: You can try to modify the contacts API and create some kind of custom smart content thing in your CMS. But - I strongly advise against it since you'll be pushing/pulling highly sensitive informations(personal data) through the net.


Never done that and again - I don't recomend it





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