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I have a PDF and I have it as the correct size for the page but the text is still a little blurry. Is there a way I can upload vector quality image? 


I am trying to make a blog post and just using a PDF of an infographic but when I export as .PNG and put it on the page, you can still tell it's just an image. The text is...mehhhh okay but small and blurry. 


Any help is appreicated!

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Hi Alex, 


Vector images are created using vectors which is why they look so sharp. Unless you recreate the image as a vector image in a tool like Illustrator, you can't convert an image file (like JPG or PNG) into an SVG image. 



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@AlexHart can you try adding ?noresize to the end of the image url?

it will tell hubspot not to apply any compression to the image


here is an article related to it



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