Update: Adding a new required parameter to crm_associations HubL Function

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The crm_associations HubL Function is being updated and we are adding a new required parameter for the “association category” to the function. 


What’s happening and why?

The crm_associations HubL Function is being updated to accommodate custom associations. With this update, the crm_associations HubL function will require an additional parameter to be added to the function call to work properly. The new parameter is the “Association Category” and the only available value, for now, is HUBSPOT_DEFINED.


When is this happening?

The crm_associations HubL function is already updated to accept this new parameter. Currently, websites using this function without the association category parameter will continue to work until 9/18/2020. On 9/18/2020 the new parameter will be required. Please reference your code and update your crm_associations HubL function to include this parameter to ensure functionality continues to work as intended.


What do I have to do in order to update my code?

Accounts that are affected by this change have already been notified. If you were not notified, please refer to our documentation for direction on how to use the new parameter. A sample image of the new parameter is shown below.


crm_associations snippetcrm_associations snippet



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