Trying to move a custom HTML blog to HubSpot


Basically, I've created a blog for my site which can be seen here:

I've gone through the guides of creating the blog, putting in the HTML, and linking the CSS, as well as JS, but it's still not working.
I've removed all the styling and JS now, but it doesn't appear to even be following the same format, because at the top it shows something not planned in design, that can be seen here:

Has anyone else had issues like this? If so, how can this be fixed?

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first, that is an excellent blog design. Nice job.


I would say that you didn't remove the default Hubspot blog template modules. Are you using a coded file or the template builder? It looks like you are using the template builder and most likely placed your code in a custom HubL module, which would be fine, except you didn't remove the default blog content module and sidebar containing a rich text module, subscribe form, and filter links. I can tell because this is exactly what is showing above your page. 


You mentioned you followed a tutorial to do this, what tutorial was that? 


My suggestion to you, since you built your blog in code to begin with, is to just keep it code. Use a coded file, paste your code into it, and swap out the static content for HubL. it's going to allow for maximum control over your template which is what you need when dealing with the animations and other javascript features manipulationg the DOM.