Theme templates not editable with Drag and Drop


I bought a theme but I am not able to edit the templates with Design Manager, I had the files in the marketplace folder and  I duplicated to the root directory but I am not able to add a Drag and Drop template inside this folder.


Or how can I use styles of the theme in the new created templates?

Thanks in advice!

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Hi @RTorres23 ,

Please create a new page and use bottom code in the template with drag and drop functionality.

templateType: page
isAvailableForNewContent: true
label: Page Name
{% extends "./layouts/base.html" %}

{% block body %}
<main class="body-container-wrapper">
{% dnd_area 'dnd_area' class='body-container body-container--home', label='Main section' %}

<!-- ADD DND code here -->

{% end_dnd_area %}
{% endblock body %}

Hope this helps!

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