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The next HubSpot Community Developer Show! When a Marketer meets a Developer

Y'all, I just released episode 4 of the HubSpot Community Developer Show.   We talked all about site speed.  There may have been a couple jabs at marketers.  Which, conveniently, is a great segue into the following 😀


Confession:  I just posted this in the marketing area of the Community.  Not gonna lie, felt a little weird being outside of the Developers area.  I am going to pose the same question that I posed to them


Imagine this, you just delivered a site that is off the charts speed wise.  I mean, you are pretty proud.


A week later, you want to check out what the marketing team have done with the site.  You load the homepage and there is an image large enough to be displayed on a jumbotron screen in Times Square. 

Furiously, you shake your fists in the air yelling "MARKETERRRSSSS!!!!!!"


It's ok, you can be honest.  This is a safe space 😉


Now, on the other end is the marketer.

They have a brilliant idea for some content, tehy fire up the computer and go to the portal, get to the page that they want to edit and...they can't.  It is hard coded.

Furiously, they shake their collective fists in the air yelling "DEVELOPERSSSS!!!!!!"



For the folks who need a visualization, I think this clip sums it up.


In a bit over a week, I am going to attempt to do the impossible:  Talk with a Marketer AND a Developer AT THE SAME TIME!  Fear not!  It will be virtual.  I will not be (physically) harmed in the process.


I am going to be joined by @Phil_Vallender (the marketer), @tjoyce (the developer) as well as a couple HubSpotters, @agirard and @AJLaPorte .  We are going to talk all about how to have create a successful relationship between marketers and developers.  We will be discussing any questions that you add to this thread so ask away!


A little background on these characters

Phil is the Sales and Marketing Director at Blend.  There is a darn good chance that he has helped you solve a problem here

Tim is the Co-Founder of EchoPunch.  If you are developer, there is a darn good chance that he has helped you 😉

Alex is a product marketer at HubSpot focused on all things CMS Hub.  He also writes for The Sound of Boston so we know he has street cred 😎

AJ: Is a Senior CMS Developer Advocate.  If you are a developer, odds are you know this guy.


This is a smart crew and we are eager to discuss all of  your questions so don't be shy!  Ask anything and we will try to cover it!

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