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Test scenario for hiring a Hubspot Front end developer

We're looking to hire a front-end developer with experience with the Hubspot website builder. I need to compile a testing scenario to provide to potential candidates so that we can assess their skills.


My question is this: What is the simplest way to provide (or ask candidates to set up) a Hubspot website environment wherein they can complete the tasks?


We don't want to provide them access to our own account, and I know there is a free account option but, after going through the setup process myself today, I worry that it's too many hoops for a candidate to jump through.

P.S. Any scenario suggestions/resources would also be appreciated.

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Test scenario for hiring a Hubspot Front end developer

Hi @MattOnce

I do it like this:

Every team member of mine got it's own Sandbox from within an API sandbox. In this the team member can do (almost) everything he/she wants since everybody got super-admin rights.


In a hiring process I'll create a dev sandbox from within this API sandbox for the applicant but with a slightly different naming. 
While every dev-account/sandbox from a team member is called something like "Member | NAME" the hiring ones are called "Hiring | NAME". By doing so it's easy to differentiate between member and applicant.

Before I invite the applicant to the portal I upload a to the design-manager/-tools and readme.pdf to the file-manager with the task(s) and some resource links. The tasks may vary(cms/crm) but something that is always required is:

  • inbound marketing certification
  • cms for developer I certification
  • cms for marketers certification


  • Inbound Marketing cert for understanding what's the "core" behind HubSpot
  • CMS for developer I cert for getting the bare minimum knowledge about Hubl
  • CMS for marketers cert to get an understanding how a marketer uses HubSpot

I give them as much time as they want but everybody should know/understand that if an applicant needs 2 weeks for the tasks he/she will have a hard time copeting with other applicants. So most results are coming in after 2-3 days.


Since you're looking for a front-end dev I'd give him/her a task like:
"Here's an Adobe XD/Figma wireframe of a page/template. Set up a theme(you can use either a boilerplate or the one from the developer certification as a starting point). Create a hero with XYZ, module(s) YZX and the template. It should work on mobile(breaking-point: 480px), tablet(breaking-point:992px) and everything above. The look and feel is completly up-to-you"


If the applicant is a rookie you can define the requirements a lot more like 

"The header should have an image select option, a h-tag select option, an optional subline...."


The task is up to you but I wouldn't recommend to do it as entry-level as possible since it might lead to misconceptions from the applicants side which isn't good either. 


p.s: I add the "the look and feel is up to you" everytime. By doing so I can check this person about his/her design skills(which shouldn't be underestimated as a developer)





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Test scenario for hiring a Hubspot Front end developer

Hi @MattOnce the best option is to have them create a HubSpot Developer account - it's a sandbox that allows them access to all the necessary dev tools:


You might also review the CMS for Developers certification for ideas regarding what skills to assess.


Hope this helps!


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