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Test Account Deactivated, won't reacctivate

Went to push an update earlier and was notified our teams test account expired today.


When we went to renew it the status changed from expired to active like expected, however our account never actually updated and seem to be locked out of syncing locally or even viewing the files we had in the design manager.


Hubspot seems to not really offer any support to devs. Anyone have any solutions or experience this before? We can easily create a new test account and that works fine, but it of course doesn’t have any of projects.

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Test Account Deactivated, won't reacctivate

Hello @nathanielfostan,


If you need help with your deactivated account, can you please submit the form at the end of this page here with the Hub ID and the email address that was associated with the login for this account? 

After that, we can assist your further on this case via e-mail.


Thank you,




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