Tab heading is not showing in mobile screen

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Hey, this is the preview link:


Tabs are showing fine on laptop screen but it's not showing on the mobile screen only the tab content is displayed. Please let me know what's causing this, even I tried putting a new sample tab but again only the content is showing not the tab heading.

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Hi @Shaykoo,

I'm assuming you mean the "pricing table"


There is a wrapper which has following classes:

centered md-hidden nmt50

replace 'md-hidden' with 'md-centered' and it will apear. 

You'll need to apply some further changes to classes(adding/removing) or do some custom coding in order to have them looking nice(currently they're offset to the right),



You'll find the classes on the right side by clicking on the wrapper/group in the template builder. 


Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-18 um 21.54.47.png






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