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Sunsetting “Recommended” Option in Post Listing Module

When choosing to display a list of posts, either in the sidebar of the blog or on additional inner pages of your site, the Post Listing Module offers many options in which you can list blog posts by. Starting August 19th, 2020, the “Recommended” option will no longer be available.


What’s happening?

The “Recommended” option inside of the “List blog posts by” setting of the Post Listing Module is being sunset. This will no longer be available as an option in the settings and will be replaced by the “Most Popular” option. 


When is this happening?

Current users who have this option chosen in their Post Listing Module have already been notified directly regarding this change. Starting August 19th, 2020, the “Recommended” option will be switched and defaulted to “Most Popular”. 

We recommend checking your post listing module and making appropriate changes to the “List blog posts by” option if you are currently set to “Recommended” (see example below). If changes are not made by August 19th, 2020, this option will be changed to “Most Popular” for you automatically.


"Recommended" option in post listing module."Recommended" option in post listing module.


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