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Sunset: Workflow field


The field for allowing users to select a workflow in custom modules is being deprecated on December 5th. You won’t be able to create a workflow field when creating new modules in the design manager UI, CMS-CLI, or FTP.

Why is this happening?

This field was designed to allow developers to set a value of form_follow_ups_workflow_idin the form HubL tag. When used in a custom module this way, contacts are not being enrolled in the set workflow.

What’s happening?

To prevent this issue affecting future forms, the field will no longer be available to add in the design manager’s custom module UI. Creation of any new modules which have the workflow field with the CLI, or FTP will now fail and result in an error.

If you clone, copy, or install an existing module with a workflow field, the new module will be created without the field. This also applies to cloning the default HubSpot form module.

To enroll users into a workflow based on form submission, set the workflow’s enrollment criteria to be triggered by a form submission. This is done directly in the workflows tool itself.

When is this happening?

Starting on December 5th, 2019, the workflow field will no longer be available to add to modules. Instead, workflows should be tied to forms using the enrollment triggers of the workflow itself. Learn more about enrolling contacts into workflows based on form submission.

In the future, the workflow field will also be removed from the default HubSpot Form module.

If you are currently relying on this field, we will be contacting you to let you know.

If you have any questions, please join the discussion below.

Jon McLaren

Sr. CMS Developer Advocate

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