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Smart content based on contact properties

I would like to create Content based on the prefered language of the contact in this module. I want something like smart rules in my modules.  Rich text with smart content cannot be used in emails, only on pages. That is why I would like to write own modules, to be able to customize content.

And I did that and I am nearly successful. But now I reached a problem, where no support query could help me.


The problem is the comparison of two strings in the module. Somehow, it is impossible to compare the property, which I could reach and which prints a String that I expected, to a simple other String.

This is the code I tried:

{{contact.hs_language + ""}}

{{contact.hs_language + "" == "German"}}

{{(contact.hs_language + "").equals("German")}}


With the result:





The result, given in a test Email, proves that it can reach the language of the contact I tested (Naturally, I tested a german contact). But it was not able to compare it to the Strings given. Can you please have a look why both of the checks fail?


Thanks a lot.

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Smart content based on contact properties

We should include that feature!