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Looking for an internal site indexing search enghine solution (not webcrawler / external accessed) that integrates to HubSpot existing domain. Internal documentation to be easily searched and referenced for easy access. Preferrably free, like 'Quick Search' or 'Ultra Search'.


Thank you!


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Hi @SkyPerillon


I'm not aware of any currently available solutions that are not externally hosted. However, at INBOUND 2017 HubSpot announced that they are developing their own native search feature. Hopefully we will hear more about this soon. 


Hope this helps. 

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You can actually make your on search, although technically the code isn't that "clean" in my opinion. As it does require you to loop though "all" your posts..

Hubspot could easily fix this by adding a hubl call to retrieve posts that contain a certain string.. but well, I guess that won't happen..

Look here:


Only issue I'm struggling with is pagination on a non blog post template.