Showing Images from RSS Feed in Hubspot-based Blog

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Hello as notified in We understood that the RSS Listing module won't show featured images from an external blog RSS feed.


But we still want to ask for this technical help because we hope we can use Hubspot for our new blog.


Here's what we hope to do on our blog:
We intend to combine contents from several of our other blogs & partnered blogs. These blogs are made from different technologies. What we intend to do is to pull the contents and display them on our Hubspot-based blog without having to build APIs.


Can anyone help me with this displaying images issue? Is it possible to use Hubspot for the purpose of this blog?


Thank You,

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Hi @taufik,


How are you intending to pull all the blogs together? What is your current roadblock and what have you tried thus far? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

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The plan is that our Partners Blog contents will be displayed on this blog, we are officially collaborating with them and pulling data from RSS.


I have tried to pull data through RSS in the HubSpot template, in the marketing files and templates menu. I have also tried to create a new template with the content by pulling data from RSS using the Hubspot function called External RSS, but the problem is that images does not appear (other data appeared without problem).