Separate xml sitemap per translated subfolder


My requirement is to create a different XML sitemaps per language translation and have a central XML Index file which references those multiple XMLs.


I am setting up our website to have multiple translated versions of the website to sit as the following subfolders targeting different countries: (default en)



The HubSpot generated XML includes all webpages, with the ability to remove single pages. However I can't work out a way to build additional XML maps separately for the above subfolders.


Can HubSpot build multiple XML files?


Alternatively, I tried to upload an XML file to File Manager, however the URL will always include  the HubSpot tag "hubf" ( rather than the clean

Is there a work-around for any of this?



Thanks in advance,




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I don't beleive this is currently possible @Cameron but you can vote for this feature and comment with your feedback here:


I get a message about page not found when I try to open a webpage like

and the same type of message when I do sitemap.xml. 

We just have the small business account. Maybe the syntax is different? If I try to use hubfs instead of hubf, I get the "Forbidden" message.