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Hello, I'm new to both HubSpot, and your community. I wasn't certain where to ask my question, but this looked like the best forum.

Our company is moving wholesale to HS, a third party is doing the majority of the structural migration from a WordPress site. Our previous/current site contains all our support documentation (, for interest) for which this third party has designed some templates, and we have been populating.

I have been taking care of the most aspects of the support site for the last 6 years, writing pretty much all the content, and attempting to maintain some structural logic, etc. of the back end workings (despite 'help' from other team members!). My background is 25yrs+ as a professional coder and DBA (I also develop music software plugins in C/C++), and I'm OK with high level/abstract structures and low-down at the wire coding. I'll be happy with any technical answers if presented.

As part of the migration we are keeping the existing image links back to our current domain. I have set up a folder in our HS files area to house all the images. As a result of the aforementioned 'help' from previous team members, our images files are spread across three different locations on our existing site. My intention is, once all the pages are migrated, to run a search on the three location stubs in the migrated pages, then edit the pages with the new unified stub in HS. For context of scale, we have 170+ support pages, which are frequently re-visited and updated as ou HR software product develops.

However, close to the end of migration I've been looking at the back-end search facility. So far as I can see the Search offered on 'manage/site/domain/all/listing/all' only considers titles. Is there no way to search within the raw text. We have been provided templates with Accordion objects, and various other nestings. The HTML within the sub-objects would all need searching.

Looking at forum posts, I get the feeling that I'm going to have to implement a front end search on the rendered pages is what I'm likely to need to do - but does that kind of search return results including on URLs? Is HTML tag information included in the results? I can understand why your searches may be on higher level DOM structure rather than raw text, after all, you wouldn't want to supply to visitors results where their keyword searched isn't visible on the page..

So, after all that:
(a) can I search the back end for all occurances of a string? [This doesn't only apply to this context; sometimes we change the names/capitalisation of application modules/functions, and need to be able to find ALL mentions, even in HTML comments]
(b) if a backend search isn't available and I need to design a non-public facing page so I can search my pages in a more invasive way than I would want site-visitors to, can I include searching all the raw HTML?

As you can imagine, with over 170 pages to maintain, I'm rather hoping for something that doesn't involve visiting every page, opening every source window and hitting CTRL+F..!

Many thanks 🙂

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Hey @duncanparsons 


I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. 


This is a really good way to start a conversation in the Community. I will tag a few of our experts         


Hey  @DanielSanchez @amwilie @tjoyce  could you please share your knowledge with @duncanparsons   


Thank you


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