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Search issue with dynamic pages(HubDB)

Hi Team,
We have some issues in Hubspot content search. We have created hubdb with main category and sub category for products.

We have created sub category hubDB and linked with main category(child table).

If we tag a sub category for a product rest of the category also generate pages in default.

Every product is dynamically creating a page for every sub category on the website.

When you start searching for things, we noticed it's display dynamic pages for every single product under every single sub category.

It display n numbers of result as many of them are not even unassigned sub category pages of product but it is displaying empty pages with only Header & Footer.

Thank you in advance

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Search issue with dynamic pages(HubDB)

Hello @raman_cg 

Do you have a link to an example of this issue so it is easier to visualize?  Also, any code blocks that you could provide will help us check out what is going on.

@Chris-M, @Anonymous , @prosa  Do you all have any ideas on what is going on here?