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So I need some design help. We want to add the search box functionality to our website. We would like it to the right of the current menu, be gray in color and also use the same font that is on the website. Can anyone help me with this? Its a big ask I know but I have always gotten a fantastic response from this group!


I have this much info i just need some direction on what to do with it! 


in order to change its order to the right of the menu navigation and switch the color to grey, this must be done within the style sheet which we are unfortunately unable to support. They recommended targeting `.hs-search-field` `.hs-search-field__bar` and `.hs-search-field__input` for these, and working with a designer on this would be a pretty simple task.


I also need help adjusting the margins of the search results page as well. When I test it out, it runs end to end with no space on the left or right sides of the page.


Website in question is


Thanks Team!!!!

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(Just doing some forum housekeeping) Here is the answer, in the following post:

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