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I'm creating schema for my website using Schema App.


Schema App lets users automatically deploy schema generated in its schema editor to defined url's in multiple ways. One method involves embedding javascript within a website.


I've attempted to deploy the javascript on all my HubSpot pages by following HubSpot's instructions.


You can see on line 1530 of my home page, that the javascript deploys in the footer as follows:




It should deploy as set out on lines 53-209, which I manually pasted into the header.


Unfortunately, Schema App has no instructional material that relates specifically to HubSpot.


Anyone know how to get Schema App javascript to function in HubSpot?


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Hey Bruce!


I'm taking a look at your website right now, and one thing that stands out to me is that it looks like the script that has been added to your footer is formatted a bit differently than the type of script that SchemaApp's documentation shows for using the standard Javascript implementation.


Instead, the code that's shown in your website's content settings looks to resemble the type of code that ShemaApp uses when deploying Schema markup through something like Google Analytics. So, just to make sure we're crossing our t's and dotting our i's, could I get you to double check inside of SchemaApp and make sure you're using the code found here: 



Once you've done that, I would also double check in SchemaApp's documentation to see if their code requires being inside the <head> tag or <body> tag. Right now, the script included in your content settings is placed in the footer HTML, which will cause it to load within the <body> tag; if they advise placing the script within the <head> tag, you'll want to move it up to the header HTML.


Finally, I also wanted to make sure you saw this article by one of HubSpot's partners, Morey Creative, about a method they've created for adding Schema markup to your website. Do not use this method in addition to the SchemaApp method. If you do, you could end up with duplicate or conflicting markup tags, which could actually be detrimental to your SEO. Instead, I mention this method because I've found its implementation to be quite easy and effective, and if you have to wait to hear back from SchemaApp or anything like that, I want to make sure you have an alternative method of deploying Schema markup on your site. 

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Thank you for this information, BReichenbach! I really appreciate it.


I've double-checked and the javascript on my site is an identical copy of the javascript accessed from the link you've identified in my SchemaApp account.


I had attempted to deploy the SchemaApp javascript as instructed by HubSpot here. However, the Schema did not deploy (as confirmed by the Structured Data Testing Tool) when I pasted the "public URL" of the javascript in the footer, as instructed by HubSpot.  SchemaApp customer service advised me to directly paste the javascript into HubSpot, which appears to be working (as confirmed by SDTT).


I pasted the javascript in the footer, because that's what HubSpot instructed, and also because at the time HubSpot wouldn't let me save javascript in the header. However, I just tried again. HubSpot is now letting me save in the header, so I've now moved the javascript there.


Before switching to SchemaApp, I was using the Morey Creative templates throughout my site. I'm still using the blog-wide template. However, the site-wide template is really only appropriate for the home page. It applies the "organiziation" schema as the top-level schema for every page of the site, which to my understanding isn't the best practice.


At the top of my wish list is an in-house HubSpot schema tool.







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Hey Bruce,


Just to double check, is the script now working correctly for you? If it's not, just let me know and I'm happy to take another look to see if anything else stands out to me. 


Also, I agree about schema being near the top of my want list for HubSpot. The good news is that it's definitely on our product team's radar. I'm not sure how close to the top of their to-do list it is, but I do know that it is in the works. 


If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend giving this ideas post an upvote:


Following that thread will also probably be your best bet for getting updates on when this comes into fruition!


All the best,