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Sandbox for Page Testing

Hi all,


I want to create a sandbox version of my current site. I am trying to speed up my page load time and I want to go through and rip out old javascript elements. Since our site is old and has moved many platforms I believe there is excess code running. 


How would I go about cloning my current site into a test account? I already have an account created. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sandbox for Page Testing

Hi @JSpicer,


When redesign or rebuild your website, it's best to use the 'Content staging' feature within HubSpot. This way you don't need to have a seperate sandbox account. You can get started build your theme and switch templates. With the use of the HubSpot CMS Boilerplace there is a lot of explanation when building a new theme.


So it's best to check out this article: Redesign and relaunch your site with content staging


If you want to export your data, Exporting your content and data is possible.

Copy a template or theme to another HubSpot account is also possible.


I do have to tell you that merging a complete site with content and modules in one is not possible till now.


So I would recommend the way to go is the content staging.

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