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Same website page two different themes


I've been working on redesigning a website that already exists.

The plan is to have two phases of deployment after phase 1 is finished some website pages will still have the old look and design.

The issue:

My issue is that my client wants to have the same header and footer throughout the website even on the pages that are still with the old look but their website was built using drag-and-drop templates while mine is being developed with hubl+html and I can't find a way to do this.

I've tried to recreate the header as a drag and drop but it changes a lot of styles and breaks a lot of content, even when I exclude the domain stylesheets.

Has anyone found a solution to what I'm trying to accomplish here?

Thank you in advance


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Same website page two different themes

Hi Marion,


Let me know this solution solved your problem?

You can also contact tech support, they can assist you to an extent.




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Same website page two different themes

Hi Pedro,


I got a solution and hope it will work.
(but I'm not sure you tried this)

You need to have the source code of the header and footer or

atleast you need a partial code to implement what you want.

Attached a screenshot for your reference.

1.Locate the Header and Footer of the drag and template 

(It will be available under the template folder)


Case 1: I tried cloning a entire template page through "Clone to HTML" option 
for getting the complete source code.
(Just right click the particular drag-n-drop template)


Case 2:  I tried getting the source code of the footer by choosing "View Globlal Group Source"

header and footer.png
once you get the source code you can use it in all the pages
(Hope it works for you)
Let me know how it went!

(Another Idea)
You can simply copy the footer and header  and move it to your template folder and use it in all the pages
you can do this by cloning the existing footer and header, and moving it to the desired location