'SUBMIT' button for Non-HubSpot form to behave as button but also as link

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Hi Community,


I have a non-HubSpot form on my website. I have read the documentation for HubSpot to be able to recognise and capture data from it (please see below) and have made working test non-HubSpot forms. However, I cannot manage to create a button that functions as a button and also links.


My specific example is a form  that takes 5 inputs (email address and 4 numbers) which I would like captured but then on clicking 'submit' links to unfurl a hidden section where the results of a calculation are made using the inputs. (p.s the link is a # link).


Currently the form just works to take inputs and display results.


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thankyou!



Forms that work with the non-HubSpot forms tool

Provided your form is a static HTML form, wrapped in a HTML <form> tag and not contained inside an<iframe>, HubSpot should be able to capture form submissions. Some common reasons why the tool wouldnot be able to capture submissions on forms are:

  • Form is not enclosed in <form> tags
  • Form is contained inside an <iframe>
  • Form has JavaScript bound to form submit event or submit button click event. This is how the tool captures submissions and any other events, and can prevent HubSpot from knowing when submissions occur.
  • Form was introduced after the page completed loading. The tool scans the page as soon as it loads and listens to submissions on forms that were present at that point.
  • Form contains a sensitive field, such as credit card number.




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Hi @DN_07H,


Can you please link to the page with your form? 


Additionally if you have any examples of forms that are working the way you would like your form to work, that would be great!



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Hi @jennysowyrda,


Thankyou for replying!


Here is the page (the calculator):



Unfortunately I dont have any examples of the form behaving as I would like it. But hopefully via the link  you can see how there are 4 form fields and a button (currently text wrapped in span tags) which only links and unfurls the results.


Im not sure how to make it behave as a button which submits(captures the data) the inputs and also unfurls the results.