Rich text and CTA on a colored background on landing page

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I'm working on a landing page designed in Hubspot.

I've been unable to find a way to design something quite simple, I mean a simple block of color a a backgound on the full width of the page, with a text inside and a button on the right (this button appearing also inside the banner). So I kept it on a ransparent background but I wanted it to make it obvious as it's a CTA.

In addition I'm struggling to align the text and the button vertically 😞

Thanks for your helpCapture HS4 what I wanted.JPGCapture HS3 template parameters.JPGCapture HS2 what I have now on HS.JPG

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Hi @yohannrobert,


It looks like you partnered with the technical support team to resolve this matter. Are you still looking for assistance? 


Thank you,

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