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Hoping someone could please help me out with something that I'm struggling with in a responsive email template. I don't have a great deal of experience with templates and sometimes find it a bit of a wrestling match to get them to be user friendly and to work across devices. 


The current issue that I'm having is with the grey 'Come learn about Growth Mindset' CTA at the bottom of this email:


It's fine across all the email clients we've tried but when we view it on a mobile device it stretches the CTA. This is only slight, but enough to look unprofessional. 


This doesn't happen with any of our images in this email which are the same width. The only workaround I've managed is to replace the CTA module with an image module in the template and then upload the CTA as an image and add a hyperlink. This is less than ideal in terms of analytics. 


I'm sure there's ane easy solution, as I say we're not the most capable with regards to templates so any help appreciated. Let me know if you need me to send any more info etc. 





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Community Manager

Hi @georgenichols,


Are you still struggling with getting your email designed the way you'd like? I am happy to continue digging into this if you are still stuck.


If you did find a solution, do you mind sharing it with the Community?


Thank you,